Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Iconic Fragrance - Jimmy Choo EDP Review

Hi! I’m back with the review of Jimmy Choo fragrance, if you want to read about the launching event, you can click here.

I’m very happy when I received this fragrance, you know why? Cause I fell in love with it since I first smelled it. <3

 Jimmy Choo EDP

I chose for the EDP (Eau de Parfum) and I know I made the right choice!  ^^


Even the print ad is very hot and glamour! It’s very Jimmy Choo to me! ^^

Let’s take a closer look on the fragrance, shall we?

Jimmy Choo fragrance EDP

As I mentioned before on the launch event post, the EDP box black tag on it, simply elegant!

Jimmy Choo EDP Snakeskin

The box is made out of special paper that even has the snakeskin texture on it, and it was inspired from this fabulous shoe..

Jimmy Choo shoe inspiration_resize

Pink snakeskin for a shoe? It’s a showstopper! ^^

Jimmy Choo EDP bottle

Tamara Mellon, the co-founder of Jimmy Choo brand, designed the packaging and the textured glass bottle herself. The bottle was inspired from handcrafted Italian Murano glass and when the light touches the surface, it reflects to gorgeous colors. The black cube cap adds a touch of modern feel on it..  So pretty!

Here are the notes…

Top notes: Pear, Mandarin Orange, Green Notes

Heart notes: Tiger Orchid

Bottom notes: Toffee, Indonesian Patchouli

When I first sprayed it, the smell of sweet and ripe pear hit my nose instantly. It’s fresh and uplifting my mood, combined with the orange and green notes, the first impression is fresh yet unpredictable!

After around 10 minutes, the top notes were replaced with intense orchid as the heart notes. I <3 it!  It’s very sensual and alluring. One of the main reason I chose the EDP is because the orchid note is stronger in the EDP version, while in the EDT, the rose note is stronger. I rarely found an orchid note smells this rich and exotic so I’d definitely prefer this. :)

On the bottom notes was toffee and Indonesian Patchouli.. The toffee smells so yummy and the Patchouli dries down to a subtle yet sensual trail on your skin, it lingers on your skin all day!

You can’t help but notice the contrast between top, heart and bottom notes in this fragrance, it feels so “Jimmy Choo” to me! This is how the word “Iconic” should smell like! <3

I was told that it will hit the stores in Indonesia on August 2012! Me and fellow Indonesian Beauty Blogger are so lucky to be able to get our hands on it first.. :D


I even got the miniature one, it’s totally cute! It’s perfect for travel and I have it on my bag to simply sniff it whenever I need a mood booster. It works! ^^

Jimmy Choo necklace

The goody bag also comes with this lovely necklace, it says Jimmy Choo on one side and behind it,

Jimmy Choo necklace Priscilla

it has my name “Priscilla Clara” engraved on it! Such a personalized gift! Love it..

Wearing this fragrance definitely adds the confidence on myself! So, for my FOTD with Jimmy Choo fragrance, I tried to capture the strong aura of glamorous and mysterious lady in my photos..  Jimmy Choo fragrance EDP Priscilla 3

Jimmy Choo fragrance EDP Priscilla 4

Jimmy Choo fragrance EDP Priscilla 1

Jimmy Choo fragrance EDP Priscilla 2

For those who maybe wondering, yes I just dyed my hair into this Copper Mahogany Dark Blonde shade (that’s what it says on its box). I think it’s a great color and since it gives a great contrast to my skin tone, I just love how the result turned out especially in photos! ^^

Well then, that’s it for this review.. I hope you enjoyed reading it as well as I enjoyed writing this post! See you on the next post.. Au revoir!

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