Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Going For Coverage? Coverderm Classic Waterproof Foundation Review

Hi everyone! I got this Coverderm Classic Waterproof Foundation from the Coverderm Event with Indonesian Beauty Bloggers a couple of weeks ago, so here’s the review! ^^


These are the contents of the goody bag, so many!!


The outer box


Back of the packaging, Phanie gave a great explanation for the ingredients in here


The inside, a spatula and a sponge are provided so no need to dip our own hand!


Although in my opinion, it’s best to use our finger to apply the foundation. Since the heat of our hand can help to warm the foundation and it’s easier to blend with our skin. But everybody has their own preference, so you can choose whatever way suits you best.


The product is 15 ml, and it has a sleek and classic glass jar packaging, so you have to be careful not to drop it.. :)


It has a safety lid


I got the shade #3 that matches my skin tone, thank you to Christine from Coverderm Indonesia who helped me to get this shade! :)


Okay, first impression, although it looks like a solid foundation, in fact it goes really smooth and creamy on the face. From the swatch you can see it has yellow undertone and also a warm tone in it, fit for my NC20-25 skin. It smells like a common cosmetic scent, but it doesn’t too strong and will fade away quickly.

It takes some time to build the coverage, on my daily basis, I usually use only 1 layer. But if I need more coverage and there’s an event going on, I have to look flawless, so yeah, I use up to 3 layers. But it still looks natural on my skin, so no worries. :)

How to Use: (aside from using your own finger)


Use the sponge directly to the jar



Use the spatula to get a small quantity of it…


and then put it on the back of your hand, your body heat will help to warm up the foundation and make it creamier


Use the sponge to apply the foundation to your face


Like this.. Press the sponge (don’t rub) gently to your face so it can blend well.  

Comparison for layer build-ups

 coverderm bare face priscilla

Bare skin after shower and moisturizing steps.

 coverderm 1 layer priscilla

This how I look after 1 layer on half of my face, even from the 1st layer you can see the pores and acne scars are pretty much covered, right?

coverderm 2 layers priscilla

2 layers. On the 2nd layers, I usually focus on the scar and redness on my cheeks, they’re almost gone now.. :D

coverderm 3 layers priscilla

3 layers. On the 3rd layers, it gives a matte finish and my skin is looking even more flawless! ^^

*Tips: You can use face spray / face mist in between the layers to help it set on your skin, also to make it last longer.

Pretty impressive, huh? As for the staying power, it can stay for 6 hours before I have to reapply powder. And it’s waterproof! It stands over sweat, which is a plus point for me. For oil control, I have to blot after 3 hours. Although in the packaging it says it can lasts up to 24 hours, but I’ve never use makeup for a whole day, hehe.. It’s hypoallergenic so it’s safe to use everyday, I didn’t get any breakout from using it. It’s pretty amazing since I thought with this many layers, I should have had clogged pores, but no.. All safe and sound in here. :)


fotd coverderm priscilla


Overall, I think this Coverderm Classic Waterproof Foundation gives you the high coverage that you want. if you’re looking for a foundation that gives a complete coverage for scars or redness, this is for you. But if you have dry skin, make sure you moisturize your skin well before using this.. :)

Right then, that’s it for this review, thank you so much to Coverderm Indonesia who trusted me and the rest of Indonesian Beauty Blogger member to attend the launching event and review this product.

See you on the next post! ^^


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  2. Hi,
    Do you know whether shade 3A has more yellow to it. I ordered shade 3 it's a little more on the pink side for me. Thanks.