Saturday, June 2, 2012

Frais Monde Skincare Review ^^

This time I’m back with a review of  the Frais Monde products that Sari Liem gave to me on our makeover, you can read the post here and here.

  The Frais Monde products comes from Italy and the products here using Italian language, except for the face spray that has English translation on it.. I have to tell you, all the words I know in Italian were: Si, Ciao and Grazie.. hahaha.. (Yes, Bye, and Thank you) Thank God for Google Translate! :D See? Never give up, there’s always a way la.. And for anything else, there’s Google, hahaha.. :p

* Disclaimer: my skin condition may be different with you and since this is skincare product, what works for me may not work for you. This review is purely my opinion, I did not get any payment for this, this product is given to me to be reviewed.


  Here they are.. I got the Acqua di Repole Thermal Spray and  Fraise Monde Purifying Skincare Travel Kit

I rarely use European skincare since I usually use Asian skincare products, so I’m curious on how the result will be!

Let’s see them one by one..



It has so many functions that you can think of and it’s also free from ozone damaging propellant gases, so it’s Eco-Friendly!


Acqua di Repole Thermal Spray

Description from Sari Liem’s facebook page:

“Which is great for her acne prone and oily skin. This spray will tone down the redness on her cheek and desensitized her skin at the same time, healing them as it has a regenerative property. This spray contains MAGIC WATER with the most natural PH you can ever find in the world since it's taken straight from a 3000 years hidden spring in the town of Repole (Italy). FRAISE MONDE is a great skincare created specifically for sensitive skin. It is also great as a make-up spray as it sets the make-up and makes it longer lasting.”


The spray cap that generates fine mist, I usually use it in circular motion so it covers the whole face

I’ve been using this spray for almost a month already so this is the review:

This spray contains water that is so good for your face cause it’s one of the major thing your face needs. The name of the product itself comes from the 3000 years hidden spring in the town of Repole in Italy. Can you imagine the water that is so pure, touching my skin? ^^

It has multi functions so I can use it in various ways, such as after washing my face and before any face treatment, I spray my face with this. After using makeup, this spray also can set the makeup, making it longlasting. When my face needs moisture in a hot blazing day, this comes as a rescue.

After it dries, your skin will become soft and supple. The redness on my face is also appear less after I use this. I love the after effect! ^^ Without a doubt, this is my fave face spray ever! I’m in love with it and if it has smaller / travel size, I would love to bring it in my bag, hehehe..

Next is the Fraise Monde Purifying Skincare Travel Kit for oily and acne prone skin.



Description from Sari Liem’s Facebook page:

“I specifically chose this skincare trial kit for her oily and acne prone skin. Very portable and perfect for travelling! The purifying line consist of a moisturizer, a toner & a cleansing milk. People who use this skincare routinely will see a definite improvement in their complexion and redness. The ingredient in the products will also decrease your acnes and at the same time, purify your skin! How awesome is that?”

Starting with the Gel Detergente Viso Aromatermale which means Aroma Facial Cleansing Gel.  My first lesson in Italian is really good.. :P



The content is gel, that transform into soft and mild foam that gently cleanses the skin. The smell is heavenly! It contains essential oils of Thyme, Rosemary and Bergamot so maybe that’s why I feel the fragrance is filled with green notes that’s soooo.. European to my nose, the scent lingers on the skin but not too overwhelming.. When washing my face, I can’t stop massaging my face using this. I can feel my skin turns super moist and not squeaky clean after using this regularly, love! ^^



Latte Detergente Purifying it means Purifying Cleansing Milk, a little bit can be spread out like this. It smells different than the gel, the smells is so European too, but to my nose it feels like a really classic floral fragrance.

You know what, at first, before I use Google Translate, I used the Latte Detergente as lotion, and I wonder why did it feel sticky ya?? It’s been minutes already, aiya.. Of course la, it’s supposed to be cleansing milk.. hahahaha.. X_X Next time, if you don’t know, ask someone or ask Uncle Google. It’s a perfect example of the saying *shy ask lost way* LOL

I use this to remove my makeup and it cleanses my skin from makeup and dirt with ease.  The result after using this cleansing milk, my face become so moist and hydrated, not dry at all! So gooodddd.. ^^


  Next is the Crema Viso Purificante - alle Alghe Sulfuree Termali which means Purifying Face Cream - Seaweed Sulfurous Spa


The inside.. It’s a very fine texture cream that smells divine too! The smell is similar with the cleansing milk, it smells like a classic European floral fragrance.  


I love to use this as night cream, because the creamy texture is rich yet really easy to be absorbed, even on my oily skin! ^^  I didn’t get any acne or breakout while using this,  it’s a plus point for me. My acne scar and redness also appear lessen after using this regularly for almost a month, so I’m really happy!

When I took picture of this, I looked at my hand and noticed something.. Check this out..

IMG_1841_resize copy


The after treatment photo was taken after I used the spray, gel, and cleansing milk on it. Compare to the bare skin that has nothing on it, it looks really different, right? O_O It can maintain the hydration and suppleness of the skin without making it too shiny!

  IF you want to take a look of the rest of the products, you can click HERE to  view the Facebook album, and if you mention my name, “Priscilla Clara” you can get 10% Discount! Isn’t it Awesomeee?? \(^_^)/

See you at the next post! Au revoir! ^^


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