Thursday, June 21, 2012

Event Report - Launch of Jimmy Choo Fragrance

Hi! Last week was such a busy week for IBB la, got so many events going on! But this particular event got me so excited, it’s the launching event of Jimmy Choo fragrance! There’re 6 bloggers from IBB who came to the event: Nissa, Carnellyn, Hanna,Putri, Carryn, and of course me! ^^
Imagine, when I walked to Cassis Restaurant, these beauties were welcoming me in the lobby..

JImmy Choo shoe
But we’re not gonna talk about the shoes (although this shoe has made my jaw drops), this time the spotlight belongs to..

The iconic fragrance from Jimmy Choo..

Mr. Alexis Vincienne (he’s coming all the way from France!) explained to us about this new fragrance from Jimmy Choo

We all know about the Jimmy Choo as more of a fashion accessory brand, especially for their shoes which are known as the “Red Carpet Shoes of Hollywood Stars”. This time, a signature fragrance were created to fully accessorize Jimmy Choo woman, to express the aura and strength of woman’s glamorous beauty. The bottle was inspired from Venetian Murano glass  which is voluptuously feminine and will look so beautiful siting on your dressing table. 

Quoted from the perfumer, Olivier Pulge:
“When you say Jimmy Choo, you immediately picture a glamorous woman.
She is chic and sexy, exuberant and refined, intriguing and captivating.
In her trail, her fragrance must say it all!”

The Jimmy Choo fragrance has EDP (Eau de Parfum) and EDT (Eau de Toilette), the EDP has darker bottle (left) and the EDT has lighter bottle (right). They smell different too! Usually the EDT is the less concentrated version of EDP, right? But for Jimmy Choo, the EDT is a fresher version of EDP.

To help us identify the notes in the fragrance, we used these so they can spray the top, middle and bottom notes on each of the handkerchief.

Here are the complete notes of both EDP and EDT:
*Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum*
Top notes: Pear, Mandarin Orange, Green Notes
Heart notes: Tiger Orchid
Bottom notes: Toffee, Indonesian Patchouli
*Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette*
Top notes: Pear, Green Notes, Ginger
Heart notes: Tiger Orchid, Rose
Bottom Notes: Cedarwood, Woodsy notes
You see the difference? Olivier added ginger on the top notes and stronger rose note in the heart note, also replaced the bottom notes with cedarwood and woodsy notes, so it smells fresher! ^^

There’s the body lotion too! It smells like the EDP to my nose.. :) It is known that if you put body lotion with matching scent with your perfume, it will help to make it last longer.. :)

We’re paying attention to the presentation, it’s very informative! ^^

IBB with Mr Alexis Jimmy Choo
We IBB took a picture with Mr. Alexis, he’s our Jimmy Choo boy! ^^ This photo was taken before the presentation began so Putri wasn’t there yet, hehe..

Jimmy Choo shelves
The display was so pretty!

Jimmy Choo display
The EDP, notice the difference now? ^^ The bottle is darker and the box has black tag..

While the EDT has lighter, almost transparent bottle and the box has silver tag on it.. :)

Priscilla Jimmy Choo shelves
Posing with the Jimmy Choo fragrance!

Priscilla Jimmy Choo Body Lotion
I love the body lotion too! :D

Priscilla Jimmy Choo EDP EDT
Yay! Can I have them both?? hehehe..

Priscilla IBB Jimmy Choo
But no worries la, cause I got the goody bag that contains the EDP in 60 ml and also the miniature one, which is so cute! They made us to choose between the EDP or EDT.. Hmm, since I like the EDP better, so I chose the EDP! There are 3 of us who chose EDP and there are 3 who chose the EDT, so we’re even! I’m on the EDP team, woot! ^^

IBB at Jimmy Choo Launch_Priscilla
After the presentation, we had dinner at the restaurant, we ate French food! Here are the pictures to make you hungry, hehe.

Yum! Bon Appétit!

The review is coming soon! See you on the next post.. Au revoir..