Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Body Shop’s New Spirit, Beauty With Heart Event

Hi everyoneee.. Last week, me and the IBB friends attended an exciting event by The Body Shop. This is the report! ^^
TBS crowd1 copy_resize
The event took place at XXI Lounge at Plaza Senayan, and it’s a packed crowd!

This event was held to introduce their spirit: “Beauty With Heart”. So now, it’s no longer just about Look Good, but also Feel Good and Do Good. Awesome concept, eh? ^^ Let’s take a look around!
TBS crowd2 copy_resize
We’re trying all the products and of course…

Marcelle Phanie TBS _resize
We were having fun taking pictures there also, hahaha.. Look at Phanie and Marcelle! ^^

TBS Vit E Priscilla _resize
This is my mom’s fave from The Body Shop line, the Vit E one, she loves using the Intense Moisture for Very Dry Skin. It works for her!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Priscilla_resize
While this, from the Tea Tree is my rescuer for acne! ^^

TBS Shimmer Bricks Priscilla _resize
In the makeover corner, I just love the Shimmer Cubes are nicely arranged like this! ^^

TBS Virgin Mineral_resize
Extra Virgin Minerals cosmetic line

TBS Lily Cole_resize
Also the new line that will be launched soon in Indonesia, Lily Cole Cruelty Free Makeup!

TBS Lily Cole Cosmetics_resize
The packaging is so cute and I’ve read so many positive reviews online, so I can’t hardly wait for them to be available in the stores soon!

TBS Stage copy_resize
The stage inside

TBS Corner copy_resize
Hand massage for the audience, surely felt goooddd…  ^^

TBS Chocomania2 copy_resize
The newly launched Chocomania is so tempting!

TBS Chocomania copy_resize
I just love how they all smelled so yummy! So chocolateee.. :D
After finished looking around at the event venue, we’re escorted to the newly revamped store downstairs. The new concept of the store is called “Pulse”, in which they’re taking the values to one step further. The ambience of the store is changed into more eco-friendly starting with the materials used such as LED Lights, woods and certified bamboos.

Priscilla at TBS Shop
Me inside the store.. Thank you Phanie for helping me taking this photo! ^^

TBS Banner_resize
The banner has their new philosophy, “Beauty With Heart” all written in there.. So inspiring! ^^

TBS Globe Priscilla_resize
The Body Shop green globe is just too pretty, hehehe.. It’s made out of grass and cute little flowers.. :D

TBS Wall
The wall is filled with photos of their campaign’s accomplishment

TBS Frame copy_resize
I love this, it shows that a beauty company also cares about (often forgotten) human issues.. :’)

TBS Box1_resize
Even the shop décor is filled with their noble values.. :)

TBS Lily Cole1_resize
Meet Lily Cole, The Body Shop new brand advocate! She’s looking very angelic in there.. :)

 TBS Top Products_resize
Behold The Body Shop’s Top 9 Products! Any of them is yours too? ^^

TBS Perfume Priscilla _resize
My fave corner would be this perfume department! ^^

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Priscilla _resize
The bronzer is really something, I want to buy the bronzing gel, it’s so glittery and perfect for a summer day out in the beach! ^^

TBS Body Priscilla_resize
They’re having special prices for almost everything! ^^

Priscilla at TBS Event
A picture of me in front of the store.. ^^ Thank you to The Body Shop Indonesia for the goody bag, will review them soon!

IBB Body Shop Event
With IBB friends.. :D

(l-r): Carryn, Daisy, Nisa, Yuri, Marcelle and Phanie! ^^ Actually Hanna and Carnellyn also attended the event but too bad we didn’t have the chance to take a pic together.. Oh well, next time, then! ^^
See you at the next post.. ^^