Wednesday, June 6, 2012

30 Sexy Years? Guess Please! ^^

Hallo hallo! Time for the event report of Guess 30th anniversary celebration!


The event was held at Atrium Senayan City, Jakarta and boy, it was crowded! Guess invited us beauty bloggers and also fashion bloggers to celebrate the special moment together and we’re having a blast! ^^


The MC’s taking us on tour to the Guess collection.. So many great clothes and accessories! Time to snap some pictures!


Love the bustier, it’s a statement piece! ^^


So my style, just grab my comfy jeans and pair it with a cool T-shirt, and I’m ready to go!


I have that T’shirt in black, hehehe.. ^^


More from Guess collection!


More casual piece to please your eyes.. ^^

The fun part comes when we had this styling competition for the fashion and beauty bloggers..

 IMG_0648_resize_副本 qw

Combining the clothing and accessories from Guess, the bloggers had to create a stylish look and guess what? They even made bloggers to walk on the runway stage too, so model like!


Bertha and Bella as the winners! Congratz!! ^^ 

Let’s take a look around!


Here’s Mr.DJ with great music to keep us entertained throughout the celebration! 


Energetic dancers performance! ^^


The photo box is really packed with girls queuing for their turn to snap pictures ^^


There’s a makeup corner by Revlon too if you want to get a fab makeover.. ^^


Got so many people were having their nail art done using Revlon nail polish..


This is Carnellyn’s sister.. She’s having the Pac Man’s nail art.. So cuteee..

Okay la, you got me tempted, I wanna try the nail art too! ^^


So many options, what to choose..


When I saw this bright pink Revlon nail polish, I knew I had to wear this one.. *Love at first sight <3

reta nail art_resize

Here’s my nail art girl, Rheta, who’s so serious doing my nails.. Thank you Mbak Rheta! ^^


Check out my Pink Tuxedo nail art! It’s not the usual black and white tuxedo type, it has the Edgy Girly style! ^^

And here are the photos taken from fellow IBB’s blogs.. Thank you for the photos yaaaa.. :D

me and cilla from Gabby

from Gabby’s blog.. Matching pose! ^^

from Phanie

from Phanie’s camera.. Thank you!! ^^

from bella

from Bella’s blog..  With fellow IBB Bloggers! ^^

from carryn

from Carryn’s blog.. Love meeting you all!


from Phanie again.. thank you for the photo, Phan.. ^^


Happy me posing in front of the Guess wall, showing off my pretty nails and the goody bag!

Thank you Guess for having such a wonderful event, So happy I can meet with new friends and fellow bloggers through this event, so much fun! ^^ Happy 30th Anniversary and wishing Guess all the best!

See you at the next post! ^^

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