Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sari Liem Makeover–My Mom Version

Hello hello! ^^

Last week, my mom and I had a makeover at Sari Liem studio, Sari offered to do a makeover for me and my mom (omg she is AWESOME) and here we areeee…

sari lim studio

Here is what her studio looks like.. It’s my first time to enter a MUA studio and I feel like in makeup wonderland!

Heavy pictures alert, this post contains many2 pictures, around 96787876579 photos (not that much la, I’m kidding) but if you’re a makeup/product junkie, you’re gonna love this post cause it will give you the insight of MUArtist and Artistry.. <3


My brother patiently waiting on the couch, hehehe





From left to right, top to bottom is all makeup products!! Can you imagine thaaattt… ^o^

makeup kit

*drooling* *gasp* This is only a small portion of what she has..


All these brushes are like magic pencils and pens to her!

sari lim wall

The photos of her work are hanging on the wall..

sari lim wall d

Brochures too! ^^


A cute caricature of her, hehehe.. 


Cute stand display! ^^ Very professional look..

sari lim certificate

She also offered us some snack, yummy.. :D


This is the extra lamps to help the lighting (since it’s a private studio)

OK, are you ready?? Start!


First is washing the hair, wow this is like an experience of a private salon, hehehe..


She can even do the hair styling herself, multitalented! ^^

face primer

This is the before face

As always, MUA usually starts with eyes first because it’s the most delicate one, and if the eyeshadow / mascara fallout to the face, you won’t have to reapply it.

Prepping makeup squad:


  • Yves Saint Laurent Instant Pur Toner & Cleansing Water (to cleanse & tone the face)
  • Frais Monde Face Spray (so gooodddd… I got this for free, Imma do the review later!)
  • Amazing Cosmetics Anti Aging Face Primer (still thinking to skip face primer? Think again!)
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (MUA Must Have)

Next, eyeshadow time..


That’s the Ben Nye Glam Eyeshadow Palette, the one below is a magnetic palette btw, she did the color arrangements herself


She’s doing the smokey eyes that is equivalent for bridal makeup..

gold highlight

A lil bit of gold highlight there..

eyeshadow almost



Put the eyelashes

lash part

Cut the lashes to add more volume

lash glue

And this is one important technique to make your fake lashes stay put with your natural lashes longer and more natural, put the lash glue to you original lashes and…

lsah glue1

Roll them together! But I think it’s only done when you want your lashes to last longer ya like for bridal.. To remove it, I used eye makeup remover, just gently rub it with cotton pad downward and it will come off! (DO NOT PULL IT OFF) At first I’m afraid it will be glued forever but no, it’s easy to remove actually.. :)

Next part is the the face.. Foundation first! ^^

 foundation mix

Sari mixed two of MUFE HD Foundation to match the skintone, and the right way to do it is to build it up so it will blend with the neck and chest color (NO BELANG2!), using this…

beauty blender

Kyaaaa.. Beauty Blender in Pink!! (Original bo!) It feels so sooofffftttt.. ‘Ada kualitas ada harga, hahaha…’

foundation sponge

Using the plate to mix the formula (another MUA must have). Don’t use your hand to mix the foundation, using this is more hygienic.

skin correcting

For color correcting, she used Graftobian HD Glamour Crème Palette Corrector Shades and that’s MUFE shading and highlighting powder for later on

powder palette 2

Powder time… It’s magnetic palette for various face powder!

Next is every girl’s favorite.. The Blush On!


I love the color that she put on!


She’s using the Ben Nye Fashion Rouge Palette, combining the pink and peach shade on the left


Nose countoring, continue with highlighting and shading using MUFE Sculpting Kit


Using eyebrow brush to draw the brow. Many people don’t really understand the importance of eyebrow, do you know that the brow function is to frame your face perfectly, so it will make your face look balance? It’s a good thing she’s a pro already! ^^

rambut mohawk

After the face is done, it’s time to continue the hair do

hair almost done

Ok almost done with the hair..


Hair Done! Look from the back


Last but not least is the lips, lipliner first..

And then, I’m surprised when she pulled this one out..

Tadaaa.. Custom lip color palette made by Sari Liem! She carefully mixed 2-3 lip colors to make her own colors.. It’s like having a Pantone lip color on your hand! So cuteee… :D

She’s a master in mixing colors, I tell you what, she can know what color works best for your skin tone.


She has great eyes for colors.. I love this pink!!

Oh and don’t forget the last touch, she used this: 

finish spray

Skindinavia 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish Face Spray, lasts up to 16 hours, woowww..

And.. DONE!!

done (2)_副本


This is taken with flash..  WOWW!!

done (2)_副本 - Copy

Close up to the eyes, looks really glam and pretty! ^^

adding head piece_副本_副本

Since we want to have more ‘bridal feel’ to it, Sari added a hair piece! So British, eh? :D

Time for a photoshoot!! ^^

m done_副本

So classy and elegant!

sari liem finish_副本


sari liem eyes_副本_副本

Close up to the eyes.. Very pretty!

sari liem beautiful eyes_副本 vc

Please somebody tell me her age cause she looks so young here!! :D


Using LOMO effect, she looks so dreamy!

For more pictures you can go to Sari Lim’s Facebook album in HERE.


This one is me and my mom’s favorite photo… <3

We both look so different!! O_O



Finally last photo with Sari Liem, thank you so much for making my mom even more beautiful!! *mwah* <3 My mom really look happy with the result that day, I’m so excited for her too! ^^

You know, when we’re having the makeover, I learned a lot from Sari, we share a lot of beauty tips and makeup knowledge, we’re like family already! She’s a very kind person and we clicked instantly.. Girls bond so fast ya, hehehe..

For the next part of this makeover, I will give the detail of how my makeover was,  which means… more photos !! Wait for it girls…


Her motto:

“Be Bold

Be Courageous

Be Different

Be Fun”

Couldn’t agree more! ^^

See you on the next post..


  1. bagus make upnya... jadi pengen di make over sama sari liem mua

  2. iya bagus makeupnya tambah mempercantik. kalau dikombinasikan dengan tatanan rambut Oscar Blandi Indonesia pasti tambah wow.