Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sari Liem makeover part 2–my version

Hello everyone.. This is the part 2 of our makeover with Sari Liem, you can read my mom’s makeover in HERE. And now, it’s my turn to share with you how my makeover was..

OK, ready start GOOO..


Every makeover starts with a bare skin..

Here you go, nothing on me.. Kyaaaa..

Ok la, faster scroll down! *embarassed* >_<


She starts with the hair first, she suggested that we should give it a try for the up do ponytail look, so lets see..  


  Well, it looks cute, but I still don’t feel confident enough since I think it made my face looks rounder.. huhuhuhu.. So keep it with the basic la, curly!


Hair still on progress, will continue later!

For my makeover, she started with the face first since I wanted to know how to create a flawless complexion. Here’s the step by step:

Prep & Prime the face!


Yves Saint Laurent Instant Pur Toning and Cleansing Water

I <3 this.. So practical, it cleanses and double function as toner.. It soothes my skin and smells floral..


After that, spray some Frais Monde Thermal Spray.. This is so goooddd.. Really makes my skin hydrated and moist.. Works well to heal redness too.. Sari gave me a package of this spray and Frais Monde travel kit products, gonna review that later! ^^


Just spray it to the face until it’s all wet like this..  After it’s absorbed to the skin, it’s time for face primer..


She’s using Amazing Cosmetics Anti Aging Face Primer with this brush, it really feels lightweight and most importantly, create the perfect canvass for the makeup.


After that, it’s time for color correcting using Graftobian HD Color Correcting Palette. She prefer to correct the the redness (using the green one) or acne blemishes on the skin rather covering them with heavy concealer. This is so creamy and blend with skin flawlessly! Or, she said you can also use this one too..


Makeup For Ever 5 Camouflage Cream  Palette

To be honest, this color correcting technique is new to me, since in daily makeup life I usually use foundation/bb cream and concealer as the base makeup. But it’s good to learn new things, aye? ^^


Next is foundation, Sari mixed the MUFE HF Foundation in this plate to match my skintone..


Using this pink blender sponge! Pinky pinky! :D

Me likey! I might buy this later, hohoho.. When it touches my skin, I can feel the texture is so soft and spongy, it can transfer the foundation to the skin flawlessly. You can build whether you want it soft or more thick, depend on your liking and need.


See? Not even powder yet and it looks so flawless!! Good job, Sari! \(^_^)/

Next is the eye part. This part is tricky and needs more explanation ya. I wanted to try smokey eyes, since I rarely do smokey eyes, I usually use natural or pastel eyeshadow for my natural look. (I wear glasses anyway.. :P)


Use Urban Decay Primer Potion first to prime your eyelid..


I’m using eyelid tape since mom said I have to use that to make my eyes look BIGGGG.. hehehe..


Joe Blasco Eyeshadow

This, I never see before. Sari told me it’s a pro MUA brand that can only be found in the US. Woah, cool stuff! ^^ This brown shade is used as the brown base color of this smokey look 


Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Most of you maybe already know this ya.. And I gotta tell you, this eyeshadow palette really makes me drooling all over la! Even Sari told me that she prefers this compare the first Naked one. It’s more versatile to use and we can combine the colors in here to create a gorgeous smokey eyes look. L<3VE


Using Half Baked to blend with the previous brown shade and Foxy can be used for highlighting later..


It’s the Ben Nye Essential Eyeshadow Palette, the same like she used on my mom..


she used the brown one to accentuate the dark smokey look.


Dior eyeshadow palette, woah she has so many eyeshadow palette in her pocket.. How many do you think the eyeshadow palette in her stash ya?? (Not to mention her magnetic palettes!) Whenever she put another product in front of me, I was like uuuhh and aaaahhh.. #somakeupjunkie

Somehow I feel like she’s the Doraemon with the magic pocket who has all the cool gadget, but in this case, all makeup stuff, haha! I can really imagine her reaching to her pocket and said.. “Magic Eyeshadow!!” “Magic Brush!!” And then in a blink I turn to Awesomeee.. Jeng Jeng Jeng.. hahaha.. :P


Ok la, back to the makeover.. :) She used this deep brown shade for outer shading..


And then next is eyebrow! I saw her using brush to shape my brow.. Made me thinking, this brow brush is very important ya, it can help you to draw your brow.. #waaaannnttt :p


Okay, eyes almost done! My eyelid tape is really visible here. There’s a plus and minus in using eyelid tape. Plus, you can get bigger eye look, but the minus, it’s really visible if you close your eyes or when you’re looking down like this. Also, when you apply eyeshadow on top of it, it will appear lighter. But no problem la, since I want to try them, hehe.. 


Fake eyelashes time!


Looks pretty!


She’s using this lash glue from Opera, clear type.


Here’s how it looks on me.. When she’s putting the lashes, I have to be completely still, so it’s hard for me to take pictures. You can check out her trick on  lashes in HERE. Basically just put the lash glue to you original lashes and then roll them together with the fake lashes, so they stick together and will hold better. In the photo, you can see that they blend with the original one and look fuller right? IMG_9454_resize

Mascara, aaahh, I’m wondering what kind of mascara she’s using.. and this is what she used.. L’oreal Curl Impact Collagen.. Why this one? Because its brush has 2 different sides, which called “Spiral Curler Brush” so it can volumize and curl the lashes, from the description online they say it’s designed specially for Asian eye shapes.. (More knowledge to me! ^^)

Next, Powder time!


Her magnetic palette really makes me jelly la! Open-mouthed smile My shade is the one in row 2, far left.  



Highlighting and shading using MUFE Sculpting Kit


For my cheeks, here is Ben Nye Fashion Rouge Palette, the colors are really beautiful!


Combining the pink and peach shade on the top left as the blush on..


The blush on is soft and subtle since the focus is the eyes..


Quick tip: Sari also said this Stila Illuminator is good to highlight your face!


Lemme show you the back of the packaging, it’s in Gold. #waaannntttt ^^


For the lips.. Using Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar (my first encounter with this one, looks like it’s for pro MUA-brand as well!) The reason why she choose this Lip Tar it’s because the color really stay on your lips, so good! She used these 2 and mixed them.. More orange than the pink in the ratio to match my skin tone..


The color is unique right? ^^ Can I name this shade “Gorgeous”?? Cause it really looks that way! ^^ You should really make a class about mixing color, Sari! I would love to learn that from you! ^^


Last but not least, use the Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Finish spray to hold the makeup.. Woah, check this out, lasts up to 16 hours! Woot! ^^


Back to hair styling.. Can’t resist to make some funny poses while Sari is so serious with her work, hahaha.. :p

After around 3 (or was it almost 4?) hours of her patiently doing my makeup while me taking the pictures throughout the process, I can finally say..



Taken with my dslr camera, no flash.. I can feel my makeup is so pretty and doesn’t look too overdone, right? It brings out the best features in my face and enhances them! If I’m married later, you know who my MUA will be.. hehehe.. :D

Like my mom, I also want to play around with the hair piece.. Photos below are taken by with my iPhone.


I look like a real bride! (I wish, soon, lol)


This hair piece is huge but so cuteeee..




eyes only

It’s really pretty especially in camera, these two above were taken with flash from her camera, her DSLR is more ‘canggih’ than mine, haha..

Sari also wanted me try another hair piece, which is amaziiingg..


She helped me to put the hair piece.. (or was it called hair jewelry?) I feel like a Princess in a ball gown already! ^^
Time to take some more pictures!!


Instagram style! ^^


So beautiful! <3

IMG_2268_resv cize_副本_副本IMG_2281_resize_副本fr_副本

Another Instagram style, looking so mysterious yet elegant!


I put some effects in this photo using Meitu Xiuxiu since I want to know how I look if I were a painting and.. *gasp* I’m in awe! Even though it’s black and white, I still look like a beautiful bride.. <3


Sari also took a picture of me when I’m wearing this hair piece, I look so different! O_O

She mentioned that I look like Cleopatra in this photo.. Gorgeous!!


Me with Sari.. Thank you so much for the awesome makeover experience! I’m really happy that I can get to know and learn so much from you.. I really enjoyed sharing many stories with you, wishing  all the best! You can be big, Sari.. I know you can do it! Jiayouuu… ^^

If you girls and boys want to know more about her work, you can go straight to her Facebook page: Sari Liem Professional Makeup Artist and Bridal Services.  She already done makeover for me, my mom and Stella, later on she will do Stella’s mom also. Woah, busy busy busy! Many exciting transformation ahead! Can’t wait to see them too.. That’s the perk of being a girl, I think, we can have fun with makeup and beauty stuff, hehehe..

Ok then, see you all at the next post! ^^


  1. Wow.. So beautiful~


  2. *jawdrop again n again*
    sari jago pol T_T and she's really a pro la, not only her technique, but most of her things I once saw used by some international Mua. bener2 balance antara technique n alat tempurny lol!

    thanks for sharing again pris! :)

  3. Hi Ceecile! Wow you're so prettyyyy! I'm just wondering though did you do the make over for bridal make up testing or just a regular make-over? I noticed some of the people did the make over and had a photo shoot.. Is it in the package or something? Just curious cos their photos look amazing!