Sunday, May 13, 2012

L’oreal Double Extension Curl Mascara Review


Another package’s knocking on my door..


Purple box! Curious what’s inside??



It’s from L’oreal! Wah, thank you so much! ^^

Ok, let’s see one by one..


L’oreal Gentle Lip and Eye Makeup Remover.. I have this one too, but it runs out already.. I could really use this!  #solucky ^^


Cute hair roller! :D

And the main star is…


L'OREAL Paris Double Extension Curl_resize1

L’oreal Double Extension Curl Mascara


This left tube, the #1 has greyish content that contains fortifying base with Aquaflex Complex with Ceramide Argan dan Jojoba Oil to strengthen and also nourish your lashes.


It’s waterproof too! Woot! ^^


The right tube, the #2, is the Curling Topcoat with Flex Polymer which will hold the curl up to 24 hours. The water-block technology makes the curl lashes long lasting!

OK, let’s test it..


This is my original lashes, with nothing on it. I have flat lashes.. T__T


First, I put some mascara base on it after I curl them.. You see the white/grey-ish coat on my lashes?


Next, I put the curling top coat.. Wah! So black and all curled up! ^^

I love how it can hold the curl the whole day, so I don’t have to worry that my lashes are flat anymore. For the waterproof strength, let me explain first.. I have sensitive eyes, so  I often use teardrops since my eyes get red easily whenever dust or polluted air come in contact. And guess what? The mascara still sit there.. Thumbs UP! I must say, it’s my staple product of the moment! :D

What about you? What’s your favorite mascara of the moment? Tell me! ^^

See you at the next post…

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