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Ooohh, what’s this? MyKonjac Sponge Review! ^^

Hello lovelies!

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by the representative from MyKonjac Sponge and she offered me to do a review of their newly launched product here, the Konjac Sponge! Well, as a beauty blogger, I’m always in the look for something new and of course I said, Yes! ^^

Since my skin is oily and acne-prone, she said she will send me the one with bamboo charcoal. Not long after that, the package is arrived.. And now it’s time for a review! ^^


Oohh, what’s this?? I wonder.. :D

Description from the website, in

“Made with natural “Konjac” fibre (a pure vegetable fibre) from the root of the Amorphophallus “Konjac” plant. “Konjac” sponges are the softest and most gentle yet effective skin cleansing product on the market. Research has even proven in Japan, that “Konjac” sponges can deeply cleanse without damaging the skin better than any normal wash cloth (or even a sea sponge) that has been designed for washing. Our sponges are made from nothing other than pure natural products.

Enriched by charcoal extracted from the best bamboos in Korea, this sponge is also effective for cleansing and eliminating blackheads around the T-area (so called Trouble Area). This sponge is perfect for those who are active and spend good amount of time outside having to deal with dusts and dirts that could clog your pores if not cleansed properly.”


Why this sponge is good for oily-acne prone skin? Because…

The Bamboo Charcoal contains activated carbon and various minerals that enhance absorptive ability, perfect for removing excess oil.

  • 100% Natural Sponge
  • 100% Coloring & Addictive Free
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Naturally Sustainable
  • Exfoliating
  • Eliminating Blackhead, Dirt, and Oil


Let’s see how the sponge looks like! ^^


The shape is like a waterdrop indeed, hehehe..

IMG_8107_resize - Copy

A closer look to the sponge texture, it has tiny holes! The texture is like jelly but with soft little holes, which will help to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and remove dirt and dullness from your skin!


The back of the packaging


Me holding the sponge, the size is perfect match for my hand to hold..


It even has a string attached so I can hang it in the bathroom.. :)

How to use:

Rinse it before with water, let it fully absorb the water, you can feel it’s soft and chewy to touch. (I’ve been looking that word: ‘chewy or spongy’ in Google translate for the word “kenyal-kenyal”, hahaha!)


Massage it to the whole face & neck


Massaging my cheeks, feels so soft like jelly! ^^


This sponge is great for lip scrub too! Say hello to smooth lips! ^^


Nose scrubbing, bye bye blackheads! :D

My skin condition, before:

Trust me, I don’t have the perfect skin, if you look at my skin, my cheeks are full with redness and acne blemishes.. T___T Although it’s getting better now, but it’s still far from perfect, I’m still human.. *sigh*

The result after for 2 weeks:

I feel my face is so much clearer already and the acne blemishes also lessen since I’m using it! With all the dirt and dead skin cells removed, my skin can breathe happily! ^^

Now, if I don’t use the sponge, I feel like my face is not clean enough, maybe because my skin is used to the sponge already ya, hehehehe.. I usually use this in the morning without any facial foam/wash, massaging my face with it for around 1-2 minutes.. And, voila! My skin feels healthier and less oily! Woot woot!

At night, after removing my makeup with cleansing water & toner, I also use this as my 3rd step of cleansing. After all the trace of makeup, oil and dirt washed away, my face is ready for the night treatment! ^^

I’m thinking of buying the body sponge and the one with Volcanic Stone (pink one), you all know I’m  always hooked with anything pink, hehe..

A lot of beauty bloggers have been doing a review about this sponge, you can check it out on My Konjac Sponge website who feature all of our reviews there, I love how Stephanie explained it with funny memes! You can check her post, here.

Alright then, see you in the next post! ^^

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