Saturday, April 21, 2012

My mom’s special makeover at MAC Plaza Senayan–Step by Step

Ok, so you lovelies have seen my previous post about my hair makeover right? Now it’s my mom’s turn to be featured as the makeover model at MAC!

From the last “Shop MAC Cook MAC’ event, they gave me a free makeover voucher but it can only be used on Monday – Thursday, can not on weekend. Obviously I can’t make it la (working), so I gave it to my mom, and she’s really excited to try it! ^^

Here’s the story...

before at the salonresized

The before photo of my mom.. She just had her hair done at Luvaze Salon, Plaza Senayan, as you all know, hehe.. Originally mom has short hair, but she wanted a change so she did a hair extension a month ago.

before at Luvaze salonresized

Looks lovely, right?

It’s kinda dilemmatic actually, women with long hair want short hair, while women with short hair like my mom want long hair.. hahaha.. So you girls with long hair, think again if you want to chop it off.. ^_~

Right then, ready for the makeover?? :D

My mom is getting the makeover by Aida, she’s the manager there, and very experienced with makeup, you can tell that right away! ^^ I’m glad my mom got the best service there..

Step by step:

cleaning faceresized

Pre-makeup: Cleansing

Clean face is a must for great makeup!


Shaping the eyebrow to instantly bring your face into perfect balance!

Next is the eyemakeup, remember girls, eye first, then face.. :D

base primer makeupresized

Putting some eye primer/base to help the eyeshadow stays longer

start eyeshadowresized - Copy

Start with eyeshadow first..

shadowing eye shaperesized

My mom wants to try smokey eyes! ^^

eyeshadow quad MAC

Here’s the eye makeup squad.. So many!

Oooohh.. You see the left one? It’s the new MAC Eyeshadow palette from the “Shop MAC Cook MAC” collection! She’s so lucky to be able to try it on! ( even I only swatched it at the launch event, huhuhu)

MAC brush

Behold the glorious MAC brushes!

putting the eyelashesresized

Putting the faux eyelashes


This is the lashes that she used, yes she bought the lashes so I can take a picture of this! ^^

putting the other lashesresized

Another one..

highlighting eyebrow boneresized

Highlighting the below eyebrow area

Blend blend blend…


OK eye makeup done!

You can click to view the enlarge picture of the smokey eyes detail

My mom loves purple, so the purple is added as a nice accent at the center of the crease, just a lil bit, but it made a difference.

In photo it looks easy and so fast ya, but in fact, eye makeup is the most delicate and also very difficult to do. Good thing Aida is a pro, love her work! ^^

Next is the face..


Using the Studio Sculpt foundation, nice!

MAC brushes

Look at all the brushes! *drooling*

Also, it’s true the saying that a good makeup artist needs a good brush. My mom told me, Cilla, we HAVE TO buy the brushes! Me: Ma, expensive la.. Ma: Ok la, I’ll buy them at Singapore. Well, at least this time my mom’s buying the brushes, not me.. *happy daughter* *ahem* :P



Put some powder on..

blush on and shading MAC

For Shading, my mom’s face is not as chubby as me, hehehe..

blush on cheek

Blush on to the apples of the cheek! Smileee..

highlighting the cheek boneresized

Don’t forget to highlight!


Put some lipstick and lipgloss.. (oops, a lil bit of behind the sene here, hehehe)

with Aida Manager MACresized

And... it’s a wrap! ^^


She looks so young! People can’t believe that she’s my mom whenever they see us both, they would say she’s my sister, hahaha.. :D

Can you believe my mom actually spent almost 3 hours there? Full makeup takes time and patience, hehe.. (for bridal makeup it’s even longer, phew!)

with Aida Manager MAC PSresized

Thank you Aida! Thumbs up for your work!

with MAC teamresized

Photo with MAC Team at Plaza Senayan.. thank you guys & girls for helping my mom taking the pictures! <3

with Put & Aida MACresized

With Put and Aida

with Marciano and Aida MACresized

With Marciano and Aida

I’m so grateful that my mom had a great experience there at MAC.. and you know what? Today is the Kartini Day! ^^ I just realized it now that, oh ya, April 21st! :D

Oh well, I think it’s a good way to show a deep appreciation to all the women out there, You Are Beautiful. No need to be afraid of how you may look in front of the camera or how the people look at you.. Look at my mom, she’s still looking really young and pretty like that,  it's not because she’s using expensive skincare or what, but it’s because she’s always be positive and cheerful (like me, hehe) in life. She laughs a lot, I guess that’s the recipe for everlasting youth.. :) 

Alright then everyone, I hate to say goodbye, but this is the time to say…

See you at the next post! ^^

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