Thursday, April 5, 2012

My 3 Fave Blush On–What’s yours? ^^

Hello lovelies! In this post, I will share about my 3 fave blush on. The reason why I chose the blush on first because I think blush on is the one that adds color to your face, and currently I have several blush on, but these are the ones that I really like.

And here they areeeee: *drumroll*

1. Natural Pink: L’oreal True Match Blush Rosewood

I got this from the L’oreal event, you can read it here, and I’ve been loving it ever since. :)



The packaging

Here’s the swatch:



1 swipe


Blended, it does have a hint of shimmer, but it’s okay for me since I love shimmery stuff.. :)

How it looks on me..

At first I thought the color swatch was so dark and mature, but turns out the result is totally different than what I expected!


See? So natural right? ^^ The pink color looks so natural on me and doesn’t feel too heavy, so I guess this one is a winner for daily usage. Although the brush is too small for me ya, so I usually use my fave pink blush brush.


Naturally pinched look! <3

Ok, next is..

2. Peach: Majolica Majorca Apricot Macaron blush

I bought it at Sasa, as always, hehe.. Majolica Majorca is one of the Japanese famous brands, they always have beautiful packaging, and this one is cute!

mjm blush_resize

The packaging



It has a little puff with a ribbon on it.. Travel convenient.. :) 

The swatch:


So peachy! ^^ Or peach coral I think, it’s not too orange. It’s matte, so no shimmer.

If I’m using my blush brush, this one come out sheer. But if I’m using the puff, it’s too strong. It has to be blended with big round brush.

How it looks on me..

  Cilla copy

Soft peach look! ^^


Showing off my chubby cheeks, hehehe.. See, don’t treat your imperfection as your minus point , just flaunt it. Be proud cause it makes you special, and unique.. #wise

   Last but not least is the…

3. Hot Pink: MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in DOLLYMIX



This is the strongest color that I have on my makeup stash. And it’s MAC! I bought it at Changi airport, really cheap there! ^^ (compare to Indo price ya)

The swatch


1 swipe. Shimmery! ^^



You can tell that MAC has very good quality product and this blush has superb color payoff. It really shows on camera!


I know, I know, it’s too strong to be used in broad daylight la, I usually use this on night event or whenever I feel like dressing up. When it’s applied lightly to the cheek, the result can be soft pink too, depends on the application. :)


Blending it a lil bit so it’s softer now..

So, what do you think? What about your fave blush on? Is your fave blush on is the same with mine? Share with me! ^^

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