Friday, April 20, 2012

Hair Makeover at Luvaze Salon Plaza Senayan

Hi everyone!

This is a special post to show you my hair makeover at Luvaze Salon, Plaza Senayan before the MAC launch event, also at Plaza Senayan, in the Atrium SOGO. It’s a good thing that the event was held there, so I can go to my fave salon, yay! ^^

OK since I didn’t take a picture before the haircut, (I know I know I’m sorry!)


So this was the picture the night before, I have long hair (almost to the chest, a lil bit over the breast) but I haven’t got a haircut for more than 3 months, so this hair is so messy already … T__T Need to fix it!

First I had a haircut by Eva, one of the top hairstylist there, my mom’s favorite too.. :) She has very skillful hands and very good at layering! If you have long hair and want to do layer cut, I recommend her.. :D

Plus she has a kind personality that I like! <3

Here are the pictures after the haircut:


The layers  are really visible right? It gives more structure to my hair so it doesn’t look too flat.


I just realized that my hair is long already and it’s very thick. I know a lot of girls with thin hair want more volume, but me, I have lion hair! Rawrrr.. hahaha..


I need 2 people to blow dry my hair, see? :P


Thank you to Mbak Lasmi who helped to blow-dry my hair! ^^


Almost finished.. Add a little touch of hairspray..



IMG_1520_副本_副本c vffd

DONE! ^^

Ready to shine!


A picture with Eva! Thank you for the fabolous hair! *mwah* <3

For the next post I will report the ‘Shop MAC Cook MAC’ launch event and later on, my mom’s makeover at MAC! It’s her turn to get the makeover, hehe..

Update real soon! See ya! ^^

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