Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Femme X Fatale For My precious skin–The Review ^^

Time for a review!

This is the package that I received from Femme X Fatale.. It’s an online shop based in Singapore and they offer lots of beauty products! ^^

They always give many freebies to the customer and these are what I got..


Snowflakes earrings.. How do they know I like snowflakes? ^^


A pair of fake eyelashes! Gotta review that later! :D



A French style notebook, this is so cuteee..


“Travel is only the beginning of a new journey.

Everyone is necessarily the hero of his own life story.” Such a nice quote!


Cute leopard envelope bag! I’m using it for my iPad since it has the perfect size for it..

I even got this cute black dress, can you believe all the freebies I’ve got? And we haven’t got to the beauty products yet, omg you guys are so good to me! :’D



It has a nice accent at the side, sweet..

Continue to the product review, this is…

FemmexFatale I’m SO PRECIOUS Set


They consist of:

1 (30ml) bottle of rose water

1 (30gm) bottle of FemmexFatale Peeling Jelly

1 (30gm) tub of FemmexFatale Spot Free Mask

2 bottles of FemmexFatale Platinum Serum

Their packaging is so sleek and elegant, I like the fact that they consider simple and classy look is better. ^^

First, let’s see the FemmexFatale Peeling Jelly


I can hold it firmly in my hand. It’s a pump bottle, so it’s more hygienic to use.

The content

IMG_7740_resize    IMG_7748_resize


After some massaging to the skin, you can see dead skin cells there..

After that it’s time for washing my face with water and then I’ll have: refreshed skin! It doesn’t leave any tight or dry feeling, so I guess it’s good since it doesn’t strip away the natural moisture in the skin.

Next, the FemmexFatale Spot Free Mask


The packaging is so elegant.. It’s like holding a golden globe, hehehe..


The content, it’s like gold fairy dust! Really sparkly!

To be honest, this mask is a winner for me. Why, because I can see the difference right away. My skin is glowing! ^^

How I use it:


Using my little cherry blossom plate


Put some mask powder, not too much because a lil bit is enough for the whole face.. It really looks like gold dust! ^^


Add the rose water until the consistency is not too thick and too runny..


Mix mix mix… I use cotton bud to stir it, more hygiene! And then.. apply it to the face!


When it’s still wet, it looks like this..

As if I’m covered with gold! #soCleopatra <3

After 10-15 minutes, it will start to dry and get hard like this..


“I can’t smile or move my faceeee..” #posingfail hahaha…

After it’s completely dry, rinse with water… Wah, after using it, the effect is really brightening, I can see my face is glowing and the zits get smaller! Bye bye acne! ^^

After that, it’s time to use the FemmexFatale Platinum Serum.


Such tiny bottles yet contain strong power! :D


Some gold fragment there! ^^

1 tiny bottle is enough for 2x applications, so I stored it in the fridge so I can use the rest of it in the next morning.

The serum is light, like gel-lotion and it’s easy to be absorbed. The result can be seen by tomorrow, it gave my face a glowing and radiant complexion. Nice! *thinking to buy it for myself* hehehehe..

This is my FOTD after using the treatment for almost a month.. 

IMG_1860_副本_副本c c cd 

I can use minimum makeup and even less concealer already, woot woot! ^^

IMG_1863_副本_副本_副本x _s副本

This is how people see my face from Monday to Friday, just BB Cream, powder and eyeliner.  I don’t like heavy makeup, personally, so I think having a healthy skin is a must for beautiful face. :)

I know my face is not flawless, but I think is getting better day by day, especially after using this treatment regularly. Many thanks to Femme X Fatale who is generous enough to send me this whole treatment.  And it’s true, nothing is too good for your precious skin!


Last photo of me and my lion hair, rawwrr.. :P

See you at the next post!

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