Friday, April 6, 2012

Dyeing my hair with Liese Bubble Hair Color Chiffon Beige–The Report

Since it is a looonggg weekend, I decided to dye my hair, this way I don’t have to spend my 3 days of not shampooing during working days, coz it’s so inconvenient, hehe.. When I did this this afternoon, I tweeted the whole process and my blogger friends responded that they were excited too, cause they want to know how the result looks like.. :)

The reason why I want to make this as a blog post was because my Twitter timeline is so full with me tweeting about it so I think I should put it in my blog, to do its justice, hehehe..


This is my hair before, more browny – reddish


I’m using Liese Bubble Hair Color in Chiffon Beige


It's the 2nd time i'm using Liese, bought it at KL since i was looking for something new.. It's a bubble type so it's fun to use!


The inside of the Liese hair color product..


Directions.. It's a bubble type so it's fun to use!


The inside brochure.. They have fab hair styles! ^^

OK let’s begin! ^^


Pour the solution into the bottle


Don’t forget to use the gloves


Mix the solution by turning the bottle upside down, see? It’s changing to a darker color


Put the cap to make bubble foam.. And then you're ready to go!

Squeeze the bottle to make the bubble foam to come out. It’s definitely different than the usual liquid/creamy hair color, and it smells nice like fruit! Although when I first apply it, I can still smell the strong ammonia  scent but after awhile it disappeared.. :)

IMG_1181_resize  bubble_resize

Bubbly hair! ^^

Ok, after that is waiting time.. And I gotta tell you, I was so boreeddd.. I can’t rest my head to the sofa since it will leave a stain, so I have to be careful with my head.. So ‘pegel’ man!

I was bombing the timeline with my ramblings, hahahaha..


This is the conditioner that should be used after the hair is done (which feels like foreverrrr)

After countless tweets and watching the clock that feels so sloowww..


The result! Finally!


IMG_1240_resize_副本wrfcv x_副本

Photobombing all the way, hahaha! ^^



I think the color showed up pretty well although it’s not that close to the sample result on the packaging but it’s okay with me. If I want the exact color like in the packaging, I would have to bleach it first, but nah.. I don’t want to do more damage to my precious hair. No thank youuu.. >_<

From what I saw, it’s 2-3 shades lighter than my before hair color and the color does spread evenly. My hair doesn’t got frizzy too, so it’s not too damaging, phew!

Note: the sachet conditioner that I showed earlier was not enough for my long and thick hair so I’ll have to use my fave hair treatment which I will *hint* review later on.. Wait for it girls! :D

So, what do you think? ^^

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  1. Bs dipake brp kali ya liesenya? :)