Monday, April 2, 2012

Crystallized Nail Art by Sabrina Tan–I’m a Princess! ^^

Hello lovelies! ^^ How are you girls doing in welcoming this April? Wow, time flies so fast ya, it feels like yesterday I posted the 2012 new year’s post, hehe..

Speaking of which, this post is so special to me and really put a smile on my face, because I just received a special delivery!


Want to know what’s inside? Me too! ^^

The story was, about a month ago, Sabrina Tan from Crystallized Nail Art contacted me via email and offered me to do a review of her specially custom made nail art. I think, why not? I did a fake nail review years ago, but this one is different, this is a crystallized nail art, so expect the unexpected ladies! ^^ When I looked into her Facebook page, what I saw was really a feast to the eyes.. All you pinky lover should prepare to faint, cause all of them are Ah-Mazing!

When she asked me what kind of design that I want, I just couldn’t decide nor choose from her Facebook photo albums. Bingung milihnya, bagus2 semua! hahahaha.. :P  So I said, I like soft pink and frosty white combination with sakura and ribbon décor, SURPRISE ME! #LOL Now it’s my turn to challenge you!

Fast forward to last Friday, I finally received the package.. At first I thought I was receiving a bracelet or maybe watch since the box is rectangle like this, but when I opened it..




 *jaw dropped*

A closer look on each of the design.. They’re so pretty!!! (๑> ◡<๑) ❤


left hand


right hand

The quality of the nail is A+, cause none of the décor is falling whatsoever, everything is still intact no matter what I do. Well done, Sab! ^^


Here’s the original design she made for me.. Cherry blossom, ribbon and even crown are all there (hey that’s a nice addition) and this is beyond my expectation!! (❤ᴈ❤)


This is the glue and nail sticker to set the nails, they’re strong too! :)

Now for the nails, I can’t wait to put it on..


Kyaaa.. Super cuteee.. (๑> ◡<๑) So girly!

It’s not as long as the usual bridal nails, so it can be used on daily basis, although so ‘sayang’ to wear them daily, hahaha..


I feel like a princess.. The crown ornament in the middle is so hime! Kawaii..


( ♥ᴗ♥ )


I am typing this post happily… Lalalalalala… ♥ ♥ ♥

Now it’s time for the NOTD photos…

IMG_7297_resize_副本 xdc_副本

Matching lips and nails! Pinky-pinky.. :D




Showing off my nails!! ^^

Asked my mom to take a picture of me so I can show my two hands.. hehehe..


Gyaaa.. I look so chubby here… hahahaha.. But these nail art makes me feel so beautiful! <3

So, if you’re looking for a crystallized nail art  with great quality and super cute style, go to Crystallized Nail Art by Sabrina Tan now! ^^ She’s really sweet and kind, always patiently listens to my request, hohoho.. Btw, I read in her facebook page that she’s ill now, heavy cough. Wishing you to get well soon, Sab! Get healthy fast and make more beautiful nail art for all of us! :D

Alright then, that’s it for this post, see you later lovelies.. Have an awesome week ahead!