Friday, April 27, 2012

Ooohh, what’s this? MyKonjac Sponge Review! ^^

Hello lovelies!

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by the representative from MyKonjac Sponge and she offered me to do a review of their newly launched product here, the Konjac Sponge! Well, as a beauty blogger, I’m always in the look for something new and of course I said, Yes! ^^

Since my skin is oily and acne-prone, she said she will send me the one with bamboo charcoal. Not long after that, the package is arrived.. And now it’s time for a review! ^^


Oohh, what’s this?? I wonder.. :D

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Femme X Fatale For My precious skin–The Review ^^

Time for a review!

This is the package that I received from Femme X Fatale.. It’s an online shop based in Singapore and they offer lots of beauty products! ^^

They always give many freebies to the customer and these are what I got..

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just arrived! All about nail cuteness ^^

I’m so happy cause these two packages arrived! ^^

Ever since I got my crystallized nail art from Sabrina, I’ve become intrigued to do nail art by myself, but of course not like her la, she’s a pro already, hehehe.. I want to do cute nails suitable for daily use, and after some window-browsing in the internet, I made my purchases!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

My mom’s special makeover at MAC Plaza Senayan–Step by Step

Ok, so you lovelies have seen my previous post about my hair makeover right? Now it’s my mom’s turn to be featured as the makeover model at MAC!

From the last “Shop MAC Cook MAC’ event, they gave me a free makeover voucher but it can only be used on Monday – Thursday, can not on weekend. Obviously I can’t make it la (working), so I gave it to my mom, and she’s really excited to try it! ^^

Here’s the story...

before at the salonresized

Shop MAC Cook MAC Launch Event

Hellooo.. I’m back! This time is the report of “Shop MAC Cook MAC” launch event at Plaza Senayan!


So crowded! 


Friday, April 20, 2012

Hair Makeover at Luvaze Salon Plaza Senayan

Hi everyone!

This is a special post to show you my hair makeover at Luvaze Salon, Plaza Senayan before the MAC launch event, also at Plaza Senayan, in the Atrium SOGO. It’s a good thing that the event was held there, so I can go to my fave salon, yay! ^^

OK since I didn’t take a picture before the haircut, (I know I know I’m sorry!)


So this was the picture the night before, I have long hair (almost to the chest, a lil bit over the breast) but I haven’t got a haircut for more than 3 months, so this hair is so messy already … T__T Need to fix it!

First I had a haircut by Eva, one of the top hairstylist there, my mom’s favorite too.. :) She has very skillful hands and very good at layering! If you have long hair and want to do layer cut, I recommend her.. :D

Plus she has a kind personality that I like! <3

Here are the pictures after the haircut:


The layers  are really visible right? It gives more structure to my hair so it doesn’t look too flat.


I just realized that my hair is long already and it’s very thick. I know a lot of girls with thin hair want more volume, but me, I have lion hair! Rawrrr.. hahaha..


I need 2 people to blow dry my hair, see? :P


Thank you to Mbak Lasmi who helped to blow-dry my hair! ^^


Almost finished.. Add a little touch of hairspray..



IMG_1520_副本_副本c vffd

DONE! ^^

Ready to shine!


A picture with Eva! Thank you for the fabolous hair! *mwah* <3

For the next post I will report the ‘Shop MAC Cook MAC’ launch event and later on, my mom’s makeover at MAC! It’s her turn to get the makeover, hehe..

Update real soon! See ya! ^^

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dyeing my hair with Liese Bubble Hair Color Chiffon Beige–The Report

Since it is a looonggg weekend, I decided to dye my hair, this way I don’t have to spend my 3 days of not shampooing during working days, coz it’s so inconvenient, hehe.. When I did this this afternoon, I tweeted the whole process and my blogger friends responded that they were excited too, cause they want to know how the result looks like.. :)

The reason why I want to make this as a blog post was because my Twitter timeline is so full with me tweeting about it so I think I should put it in my blog, to do its justice, hehehe..


This is my hair before, more browny – reddish

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My 3 Fave Blush On–What’s yours? ^^

Hello lovelies! In this post, I will share about my 3 fave blush on. The reason why I chose the blush on first because I think blush on is the one that adds color to your face, and currently I have several blush on, but these are the ones that I really like.

And here they areeeee: *drumroll*

Monday, April 2, 2012

Crystallized Nail Art by Sabrina Tan–I’m a Princess! ^^

Hello lovelies! ^^ How are you girls doing in welcoming this April? Wow, time flies so fast ya, it feels like yesterday I posted the 2012 new year’s post, hehe..

Speaking of which, this post is so special to me and really put a smile on my face, because I just received a special delivery!


Want to know what’s inside? Me too! ^^