Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Welcome to Revlon Candyland–Color Burst Lip Butter Launching Event

Hi everyone! ^^ Long time no blogging, been so busy lately.. >_<
Time for event report! This time is the super fun Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter launching event! 
Welcome to Revlon Candyland! ^^

To launch the new Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter, they invited fashion & beauty bloggers to come to this event!
Look at the crowd.. The place was packed with bloggers! Woot woot!
I met so many bloggers that night.. #excited
But first, lets talk about... Food, glorious food! ^^
We had a full set buffet that night..
The appetizer soup tasted gooodddd…
Choose all you want..
The cake is delicious too..
Cute fruit arrangement!
For the snack before the event started, they have this.. Very artistic, eh? ^^ Yummy!
After our tummy’s full, it’s time to explore the room!
Oooh, I’m standing right beside the cupcake mountain!
They even made this cute background so that we can take pictures there! I love how the decoration matches the theme nicely.. ^^
Even on the table,which one is my lips?? :*
Carissa Putri, one of the guest star of the night and also Revlon Indonesia’s brand ambassador was having her makeup & hair done, she’s so pretty!
The Revlon girl kindly showed us the products and offered us to try them out..
This one is Cupcake shade, a nude pale pink, very wearable.. My first impression is it’s very buttery, hehe... It glides easily on my lips and the color did payoff pretty good! I have this in my goody bag so I will review that later..
And these are some of the bloggers I met.. There are some new faces around, so I was very excited to know them all.. :D
I met Gabby! First time meeting her and she’s so sweet! ^^
The gorgeous Mada! She is so confident! I love her style.. ^^
Carnellyn and her sister, both looking fabulous! Cominica is busy swatching the lip butter, hehe..
Me with Andy, a very talented makeup artist, I admire her makeup technique when the fashion & beauty contest, he lightly pinched the model’s cheeks to help achieve the naturally blushed look (but of course he used blush on too la, hahaha).
Nissa, she’s Miss Pinky! Hohoho.. ^^ That’s Mbak Daisy on my right side, ah, you should’ve ‘camera-aware’! :p
Photo together! Mwah!
And then, the time has comeeee…
The main show was starting and the hosts, Iwet Ramadhan and Ary Kirana were sooo…funny! We were laughing hard because of their jokes, hahaha..
You can’t help to notice Ary Kirana’s amazing dress, she looks ah-mazing too! ^^
The event was started with the representative from Revlon to present the newly launched Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter..
IMG_4565sfb v_resize 
What makes me proud is that the fact Indonesia is chosen to launch the lip butter not long after in the USA, because we have the highest selling rate here in South East Asia, woohoo!
Enriched with 3 main ingredients: mango butter, shea butter and coconut butter to make your lips more moist and keep the dry dry feeling away!
Emma Stone as the model of the advertisement, you can see there are many colors to choose from.. Review’s coming after this! ^^
After that it’s time for the talkshow!
The guest for the talkshow that night was Nina Nikiccio a young talented fashion designer & Dewi Utari, fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar. They talked about a lot of things, mainly about fashion & beauty of course, hehehe..
And of course, the fun part was the fashion & beauty makeover contest!
So, they pick 3 teams consist of 1 fashion blogger & 1 beauty blogger to do a makeover on a model.
After the fashion blogger pick the clothes & style them up, the clock is ticking for a beauty makeover! Great team work!
5 minutes & counting! Thrilling! ^^
Finished! They all looking fabolous! Ichil team came as #1, her work was the model in the middle, while Andy team got the #2 place (left model) and Putri team got the #3 prize (right model)
Oh and the exciting part also when I got a chance to take picture with Carissa Putri after the event was finished, kyaaaa..
She’s so beautiful!
Don’t forget about the goody bag! This is what we got..
So many things in one bag! Wah!
Photo of the bloggers with the Revlon team! Mwah!
What I like about event like this, I can get to meet so many bloggers, get together and chat. Hanging out with them feels so good because we feel like we’re in a same community, our interest is the one that puts us together. Thank you very much to Revlon for having such a wonderful event like this, and we hope to see more in the future!
Well then, that’s it for this post, wishing you all the best! See ya! ^^

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