Saturday, March 24, 2012

Talika Launch Event with Beauty Bloggers! ^^

Hallo hallo! Happy long weekend everyone! ^^

talika at metro

It was a lovely day yesterday at Metro Department Store, Plaza Senayan because we beauty bloggers were invited to the launch event of Talika brand, woohoo! ^^

talika and beauty bloggers

The beauty bloggers were flocking around the gorgeous Ms. Sina Deubner, who introduced us the newly launch Talika brand here in Indonesia

talika light duo

One of the products that really intrigued me was the Talika Light Duo® device

talika collagentalika lightener

The left one, orange side is Light 590® Collagen Booster and the right one, green side is Light 525® Skin Lightener

What’s their function?

According to the website here, it says that if we use this Talika Light Duo® device, the orange light has anti-aging function that will help to boost the collagen and reduce the appearance of wrinkle. While the green light has whitening function which will make our skin much lighter and glowing healthily, easy right? ^^ For more info and review, Carnellyn already did a review about it in here.

And of course, the other one that really caught my attention is none other than this: 

talika light anti acne

Talika Light 660® Complete Acne Solution

talika light anti acne (2)

The device is almost the same with the one above, except the function is different, this one is specified for treating acne. (All the acne skin bearer, raise your hand! ^^)

priscilla and talika light anti acne

Here’s a picture of me using it, cause the light is made of blue (help control sebum and blackheads) and red (reduce scar and inflammation), it turned purple on camera, haha!

After that, it’s time to show another famous product as well, if you say Talika, you  definitely can’t miss out this one:


Talika Lipocils Expert


It’s supposed to give you long long lash after 28 days of usage. They gave me a sample size of this so I’ll be reviewing it as well! ^^

Another product we’re so excited to try was the Talika Eyebrow Extender, which can fill your eyebrow naturally because it’s actually made of fiber and transparent gel.

talika eyebrow  yuri talika eyebrow

It’s available in 3 colors: black, dark brown and light brown. It lasts all day long and can be easily removed with makeup remover..

yuri talika eyebrow before  yuri talika eyebrow after 

See the effect on Yuri! AMAZING RIGHT?? ^^

Next, Miss Sina showed us Talika Eye Decompress

IMG_6454_resize IMG_6460_resize

The little white tablet is actually an eye mask, just put it in the blue solution, and voila!


You got your eyemask ready, and it smells wonderful too, so relaxing.. ^^

And of course there are other Talika products on the spotlight, such as:

talika eye patch2

Talika Eye Therapy Patch

talika nail shaper

Thalika Nail Shaper

talika manicure

Talika Instant Manicure

talika heated lash curler

Talika Heated Lash Curler

Overall, we had a lot of fun during the event, thanks to the Talika team who’re so kind and helpful to us,

talika event

Ms. Wenny, Ms. Sina and Ms. Virlya, nice to meet you all! <3

I took a picture with Ms. Sina, and I must say, I adore your lashes, must be because of Lipocils, hehehe..

talika sina priscilla blogger

Since they’re having a Twitter photo contest to celebrate their launch, this is my submission!

talika launch twitter photo contest

You can enter too! Follow Talika’s twitter for more info.

talika goody bag

We got this awesome goody bag, can’t wait to review them all!

talika towel

We also got the Talika towel, cute! ^^

Uuuu.. Popcorn!

talika popcorn man

Hahaha.. he’s so funny.. :D

talika popcorn

Thank you to Talika Indonesia for the sweet and yummy popcorn, I enjoy them very much! ^^

Last but not least, it’s time for group photooo… It’s been a great experience to hang out with you all! ^^

talika with beauty bloggers at metro senayan

See you on the next post!