Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pink Brown Eyeliner Review ^^

I really should stop impulsively buying things cause of their cute packaging, hehehehe..

Well, as you can see, this is my latest finding in terms of cuteness..


Love Switch Pink Brown Liquid Eyeliner


Made in Japan, the price when I bought it at Sasa was S$23.90, so it’s around Rp 150.000,- I think? 


So girly!


It looks like a real pen, with a feminine touch of flower illustration in the middle


The tip is very thin and precise so it’s very easy to draw thin line on your eyes



It’s brown, but not dark brown ya.. It’s a soft and warm brown tone color, so it makes a sweet impression on the eyes. If you want a more natural look, you can achieve it with this.

Water test:


After being showered with tap water for 10 seconds, the color sit still.

But after being rubbed, here’s what happened…


It smudges and leaves a trace of brownies color all over.. :O

Well, at least it’s not as bold as black, hehe..

The good news is when I use it it’s long lasting on my crease and still there until the evening (8 hours).



Here’s what it looks like when I put it on my eyes.

I must say, the color is definitely more subtle than my usual black eyeliner. However it can also be seems too natural, like you’re wearing nothing at all.


When I’m wearing glasses, I have to make it bolder/thicker to intensify my eye look, but I think it’s quite okay la.. The line is visible but not too overpowering.. :)

I’m using this eyeliner when I feel like I don’t want to wear heavy makeup, so it’s called my ‘lazy makeup day’, hehe.. It’s not just Bruno Mars that can be singing the lazy song, I can be lazy too! Especially on the weekend, hohoho.. :D

Wrap Up


- soft brown color

- natural look

- stays on, longlasting


- smudges after contact with water AND rubbing

- can be look too subtle

Repurchase?? Hmm, maybe no ya.. I’ll be looking for another brown liquid eyeliner that offers stronger color than this. It’s too sheer to my liking. If you want to purchase it, you can click here.

Btw, several girls at the office are starting to wear sparkly green eyeliner nowadays, they called it ‘the latest trend’.. Hmm.. that sorta gives me an idea, hehe.. Oh well, wait until payday first la ya, hehehehe..

*Advertorial Break*

Speaking of makeup, I have a great news for all of you who’s looking for a makeup artist for your special occasion, like preweds or weddings! Her name is Sari Liem! I just knew her recently but I fell in love with her work and personality already!

Here are some samples of her work..



Can I have a wedding gown and do makeup like this? So grand! ^^



What I like about her work is that she’s able to bring that ‘Hey-I’ve-done-makeup’ look but not overdone, so it’s like bringing the best of you! Isn’t that what makeup is all about? ^^

You can check out her work on her Facebook page HERE, or you can find the link on my right sidebar. Like pls!  

Thank you for reading and see you on the next post!


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