Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spa treatment at home? Yes Can! ^^

I was inspired to do this post because last week, my mom went to the spa and since she was so happy with her experience there, she told me (passionately) that we should buy a body scrub with a spa smell, hehe.. So I think, which one ya? Good thing that my mom has a beauty blogger daughter, *ehm* I then pointed out this: 

Dewi Sri Spa Martha Tilaar
Peach Delima Body Scrub
Description from the website, here:
Exotism of peach and delima has inspired various cultures from the ancient time.
Delima (Punica granatum) represent eternity, lavish and fertility.
Both are riched with vitamin C, vitamin A and poliferol as antioxidant and promote a fresh, smooth, healthy-looking complexion. 
You can see the content from here.. Check out the scrubs! :D 
The content is 380 g (HUGE) so I think this is enough for the two of us to use it, hehe..  
You can click to enlarge..  
Opening the box… There’s a lid to keep it from leaking, so convenient!  
Wah, so creamy and rich with scrubs! 
I guess you all would be wondering about the smell right? It smells very spa to me, all the goodness of traditional Indonesia spa is in here! Let me describe it: it’s sweet, ripe peach combined with juicy, fresh pomegranate (buah delima). It’s not just fruity sweet, but it’s also fresh and uplifting your mood.

I can still smell the sweet fragrance filled the bathroom after I finished showering. Lovely, just lovely.. 

When I test and rub it on my hand, I can feel the creamyness of the scrub turn my skin so soft and smooth.. I noticed my skin is brighter because the dead skin cells have been removed. Also there’s a sensation like a milky lotion wrapping my body even long after that. I’m sure my mom’s happy cause she can get her own spa treatment at home with this! ^^

Tips for a home-spa experience: play some relaxing music (instrumental preferred), aromatherapy candles lightened up the bathroom… and then, treat yourself with this body treatment with a lukewarm water. Perfect. <3

Btw, have you ever been to spa before? When I say “Spa” the first thing that I can imagine is me in a huge, elegant bath tub filled with flower water.. So serene and peaceful.. :)
Tell me your spa experience! ^^

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