Sunday, February 19, 2012

Simple yet fundamental products I can’t live without…

I was inspired to do this post because I don’t think I’ve shared my essential products that I use daily, so here’s the recap.. :) 

I put the link of the products (mostly bought at Sasa) so you can right click and open in new tab to view more of the product info there.. I’m keeping this post content purely my opinion / quick review.


1. Face spray

I bought this Juju Cosmetics ShiroMomo Whitening Mist at first actually because I like the peach smell , it smells really good! The fact that it really does brightening up my skin is a plus point! ^^

Maximum effect achieved when it is used before sleep. Spray allover face (4-5x spray), let it dry and then snoozeee.. Zzzzz… This is one of  the alternatives if I’m too tired to do the night skincare ritual, hehehe.. 

Product link: here


2. Daily Sheet Mask

Talking about simplicity, this is my go-to-product if I still want good skin with minimum effort.. It’s Kanebo Hadabisei Lotion Mask with 28 pieces of masks in it! I can use it for a whole month without having to burn my wallet! I usually pair this with another lotion or essence to enhance the effect..

Product link: here



3. Hair Perfume / Tonic / Anti Odor / Anti Frizz (all in one)

Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail

This one is a MUST have product, I have more hair perfume that I placed in my office desk, my bag and my drawer. This one smells really great  too, it’s like mixed berries with a hint of floral in it. It’s better to use before combing because it can detangle the frizziness out of my hair.

At the office, I usually this after lunch time, cause I go out to eat most of the times, and the moment I step out the building, my hair is bombarded with smokes, carbon monoxide and other pollution gas, you name it.. It’s a hair saver. ^^

Product link: here


4. Lip Balm

It’s pink and it’s sweet.. Who can ask for more? It’s very moisturizing and I use it almost every day.. Bought it while I was in Perth..


5. Cotton bud

Many function of this tiny tiny tool, hehe.. I use it mostly to correct my eyeshadow, eyeliner, and fake eyelashes.. It’s more hygienic to use cotton bud, I’m sure all of you have it, hehe..


6. Eyelash curler

I have two, this one is from Shiseido, it’s really good, easy to use and curl well.. The other one is this..


Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler (legendary tool) and the foundation sponge, there goes my title coming from, hehe.. I love them to bits and they’re permanent resident of my makeup tool box!

You can get them in the beauty counter of mall’s department store near you.. 


7. A black vanity mirror from Etude House

I got this mirror as a bonus gift with purchase and it’s in my bag ever since.. Every girl should own at least 1 pocket mirror! ^^

Last but not least, my staple tool…

8. Blender Sponge


Hmm? What’s this strange shape tool? Hehehe.. It’s the beauty blender sponge that I bought out of curiosity, hehe..


It has such a cute packaging, I can’t resist!


Even the leaflet inside is pink, wah Nisa would want this, hehe..


It blends foundation (liquid & solid) really well and can be used in many different ways so I think it’s really worth it! ^^

Product link: here

So what about you? What are your simple yet fundamental products? :D

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