Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Beauty Diary Cherry Blossom Mask Review! ^^

Hello everyone! Gong Xi Gong Xi!  Wah, how are you lovelies doing after the CNY celebration?? ^^

Me, I’m still feeling stuffed after all the feast we had..  Speaking of which, I don’t think I can see or eat any Peking Duck for the rest of the month. I had too much already, hahaha..

Now it’s time for me to go on a diet to reduce all the fat I got from the duckie, hehe.. :P

Well then, for this post, I will review one of the mask from My Beauty Diary mask haul I got from Alies:

mbd mask edit_resize

My Beauty Diary Mask Collection

The one that I will review is the Japanese Cherry Blossom. In this CNY I saw a lot of Meihua (Meihua means beautiful flower or plum flower), because the plum flower looks similar to the cherry blossom flower, that’s why I was inspired to do this post.  Btw, the real Mandarin word for Cherry Blossom is YingHua, hehehe.. 

*Product Info*

I just love My Beauty Diary website, so cute! ^^

2012-01-24 22h48_21

2012-01-24 22h49_37

Time to open the mask.. I just love the pink flowery packaging.. :D



There’s this plastic layer on top of the mask sheet, still not sure what it is for, hehe..


*Result + Some Thoughts*

This mask feels cooling, very refreshing. I think My Beauty Diary has good quality masks in its line. 

This mask is full with liquid essence so it feels wet on my skin, after around 20 minute-ish, the mask started to get dry so it means the essence is almost all absorbed. I removed this mask after 30 minutes. It feels a little bit sticky at first because there’s still a trace of essence from the mask. But after I massaged it, it’s quickly absorbed. My skin became really hydrated and smooth! ^^ 

When I apply some of the essence on my hand, my hand also become smooth and soft! * :D

Feels so good to go to sleep with a healthy skin! #happygirl

About the scent, I know how Cherry Blossom smells like, but too bad this mask doesn’t really smell like Cherry Blossom, just a subtle floral scent to my nose. The smell is nice, but not too “Sakura” for me..

Another turndown for me is that the  whitening and brightening effect not really visible, so I guess that’s a bummer. 

Apart from the not-so-sakura-scent, I like this mask because it can give my skin the nutrition and nourishment it needs, also because I like the packaging so much,  hehe..  Maybe I’ll repurchase this again for stock. :)

I’ve inserted a picture My Beauty Diary range of masks and their benefits so you can choose which one suits you best.


You can go right click to enlarge or Save Image As to view it.

So, what about you? Do you have a fave mask? Tell me! ^^

Happy mask hunting! ^^

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