Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kanebo Event with Toru-san, the Mascara Sensei! ^^

Hello everyone! What are you doing this weekend?

Well, to tell you a story about my previous weekend, I spent it with the beauty bloggers at the Kanebo event! This post is photo-loaded!

It features a make up artist from Japan, Toru Nishimura! ^^


He’s doing a make over, from the way he’s doing the makeup, you can tell that he’s very talented and oh, I love his warm personality! ^^



He’s very experienced and has been working for Kanebo for over the past 20 years! Wow! ^^



He also gives makeup advice to us, so we can learn from it, really thoughtful! ^^


He can transform anyone into a better version of herself, we learned a lot of makeup techniques from him..

Fast forward to the result: *drum roll please*


So pretty! <3


Awww.. I want a makeover too! ^^

He did the makeover for all the beauty bloggers that came there, so we all went home with happy faces, especially me who had an eyebrow job done by him!

But first, Toru-san was doing a makeover on Stella’s eyelashes to show us his mascara tricks!

It’s actually very easy to follow, although it did look complicated at first.. I’m gonna need more practice on this, hehe..


First, curl your lashes, while so many people say curl it hard and press it for a long time, Toru-san said that the right way to do it is to do it gently but a few times more so the lashes can hold the curl much longer and create the volume! Great tips!


Apply the mascara like usual as close to the roots, hold the mascara wand horizontally..


And then, do it vertically, while gently pushing the lashes up to create the “falsies” effect..


Repeat the process to the other eyes.. His hand moves so fast, such a pro!

Apparently, Hana has her own nickname of this technique, she called it “The Hand of 1000 Shadows” his hand moves the mascara wand so fast it actually has a thousand shadows, LOL.. Well then, I hereby call Toru-san the Mascara Sensei! :D

Next, it’s my turn for a makeover session..


Ugh, my eyebrow need help, fast..


First, he trimmed my eyebrow with his scissor..


With different scissors, cutting again..


With eyebrow shaver (I just knew this tool exist! :P) he shaved the remaining of the roots to make the shape perfect.


Next, he filled the eyebrow with colors. Tips from Toru-sensei: use the eyebrow pencil to enhance the shape, and then use the eyebrow shadow to fill the colors. Basic principle like for the lips, yes?

Don’t forget to match the color of your eyeshadow with your hair color, so for me, dark brown is better.


See that my face looks different now? It’s because the eyebrow function is to frame the eyes, so if your eyebrow shape is right, it will make your face looks balance and enhance the overall face look. #importantlesson


Wow.. Complete look! Arigato, Toru-sensei.. <3


Me and my new eyebrow, yosh! ^^



Me, Nisa, Hana and Stella.. Posing together is a must! We had great time at this Kanebo event, can’t wait for the next one!

We also got goody bag so I’ll review that later on..



Group photo! Sayonaraaa Toru-sensei.. .. \(^_^)/