Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012! Hip hip hurrah! ^^

Hello everyone!

Wow, everybody in the blogosphere is having their own version of their last post in 2011 so I guess I’ll have to write up mine too!

But first, there’s something NEW in my look today, tadaaa..


My new glasses for new year! ^^

People in here always say, for new year you need a new clothes la.. But for me, I think I need new glasses better, hehe.. Me likey! ^^ It has bigger frame so it cover my eyes and make my face looks slimmer, compare to the previous one with the dark blue frame. I’m up for change now!


Me posing around with the new glasses, hehe..

Also, in Twitter this afternoon, me and Ferdinand were talking about resolution for 2012, so we decided to make this post. We think, what better way to express our excitement for this new year?? Of course with blog post la! ^^ #dilligentblogger XD

So here they are…

My Top 3 Resolution for 2012:

1. Graduate from college (my number 1 priority for now, aza aza fighting!) 

2. Learn more about Art and Graphic Design (I’ve bought a drawing tablet recently. I’ve been painting and fascinated by art since I was little so I think it’s time to take it to the next level!)

3. Blog more often.. (same with Ferdinand Rebzone, hehe) I feel like CAPITALIZING, bolding and underlining that one know, ahahahahha.. XP

I don’t make too many resolution because I just wanna be focused on those 3 first, for now.. ^^

How about you?? What’s your resolution or at least hopes for 2012?? Would love to read your comments! ^^

*For tomorrow I’ve prepared a blog post about update for what I’ve done for this Christmas and New Year celebration, since I haven’t made an update of it. (mostly food photos anyway, hehe..)

To all my dear readers, blogger friends and blog visitors everywhere around the world…