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Lancome Visionnaire Launching Event + Review! ^^

I was invited to the Lancome Visionnaire Launching event that took place at Glass House at Jalan Wijaya. And you know what, it was raining hard at that time, so I was wet (well not entirely) when I finally get there. But I didn’t give up, I finally arrived at the spot! ^^


The interior was really nice! ^^ Usually people rent this Glass House for wedding. So white and feminine..



Even the chair is decorated with blue Tosca.. Sweet!

We also have friends from the media coming to the this event.. Helloooo!  





Hallo everyone! ^^

And meet with Stella and Nissa, lovely beauty blogger gals..

, IMG_0780_resize


l-r = Irma from Lancome, I forgot her name in the middle, sorry.. and Hanna.. looking beautiful! Nice to meet you all.. ^^

*Product 101*

This is the product 101 from the press release, you can click to make it bigger..

VIS Press kit (IND)_Page_1_resize

Lancome proudly presents to you..

Visionnaire (LR 2412 4%) Advanced Skin Corrector

VIS Press kit (IND)_Page_2_resize

VIS Press kit (IND)_Page_3_resize

Lancôme innovates with Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%], its first skincare product formulated
to fundamentally recreate truly beautiful skin.
A Lancôme technological breakthrough has identified a miraculous new molecule.
The name of this molecule: LR 2412.
A molecule that is able to “self-propel” through the layers of the epidermis, to set off a series of
tissular micro-transformations.
The result is that skin is visibly transformed: the texture is finer, wrinkles are erased, pigmentary
and vascular irregularities are reduced and pores are tightened.

VIS Press kit (IND)_Page_4_resize

VIS Press kit (IND)_Page_5_resize

VIS Press kit (IND)_Page_6_resize

VIS Press kit (IND)_Page_7_resize

Basically, it’s a serum that has this special ingredient called LR 2412 that can transform your skin, dealing with wrinkles, pores and uneven skin tone; making it healthier and beautiful from the inside.

After hearing the presentation, it’s time to go to the test corner.



With Lancome rose always present on the spot! ^^


Lancome Visionnaire line consists of Youth Concentrate, Toner & Emulsion


The star of the show..

Lancome Vissionaire! ^^


Ok, Let’s try it!



From the first testing, I can tell the texture is silky and it feels like a light lotion and will instantly smoothens the skin when applied. It’s really concentrated yet quickly absorbed to the skin, leaving a nice velvety feeling. It smells like rose, a subtle floral scent according to my nose.

But how does it really benefit the skin, you ask? No worries, cause each of the beauty bloggers can get a bottle of Visionnaire to try at home! So happy.. ^^

And now, after using this it almost 2 months already, here’s my review:

  • Main visible effect that I can feel is my skin become softer & smoother. My skin feels silky soft, it saves me on face primer because since I use it, my makeup becomes more easily applied! ^^
  • It improves my skin in terms of firmness and elasticity. The pores, although not visible, but I feel it’s become smaller and tighter, oh and also there’s a bouncy feeling.. *toink toink* :D
  • About wrinkle, I honestly say I don’t know the effect about it yet, since I don’t have wrinkle yet. Maybe any of you can give opinion about this? :)
  • Overall, my skin feels healthy and fresher, skintone also more even, my face used to be slightly darker than my neck, but now I think it’s become even, even my face is brighter, hehe..
  • PS: One thing though, with a staggering price of Rp 900.000,- for 30 ml and Rp 1.300.000,- for 50 ml, it is a bit pricey, hehehe..

*IMHO (in my honest opinion)*

If I may say, there’s a bit of complexity in reviewing skincare product, since it has a skin-care-purpose, I think I have to explain something to all of you, my dear readers. The thing about skincare product, I have to test it longer than usual to really know about the effect, that’s why it took some time for this blog post to be published. I have to really try this product, putting it in daily skincare basis. I want to provide an in-depth review, so please bear with a long post like this, okay?? XD

Also, you have to understand that my skin is different than yours, obviously, and sometimes in my skin it works, while in your skin maybe it’s not. That’s what we called in Bahasa Indonesia “cocok-cocokan” which means what suited me doesn’t always suit yours. I guess it’s fair to say that since each of us is unique, right? But I hope from reading my experiences about testing the skincare products, you would gain some knowledge so you can apply it accordingly to your own skin. :)

Last but not least, a group photo of Indonesian beauty bloggers with the Lancome team!


Stay beautiful, my lovelies.. See you in the next post! <3

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