Sunday, January 15, 2012

Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation In-Depth Review ^^

If you’ve been reading my blog for quite some time you would know that I just can’t get enough of Korean beauty products. So for this post, I’m gonna review one of my staple product of the moment.. I always have it in my bag..This is..  


Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation SPF 32 PA ++

with Jeju Natural Mineral and Organic Green Tea


*Product 101*

You can find the product description in the website here (in Korean), and here (in English)


It features Yoona of SNSD as the ambassador!

2012-01-15 14h50_38


Isn’t she a beauty?? I love Girls Generation!! \(^_^)/

Oh, and I’m listening Girls Generations’ songs while composing this post, to get more of the ‘feel’, hehe..



Front of the outer packaging..


Back of the outer packaging.. Really simple and natural looking!

*Content & Swatch*


The swatches from the website, it’s quite rare to see Korean products have 5 different shades like this, it accommodates the lighter to the slightly darker skin tones, gotta love it.. ^^


Even though I don’t read Korean, all I can say is Annyeong Haseyo or Saranghae <3 (I Love You), but I think I can understand the meaning from the picture la, hehe..


I chose the #3 Natural Beige (the middle shade) because I think that’s the right shade for me.


Important TIPS: One thing that I learn from choosing shade in Korean cosmetics, NEVER choose the lighter shade if your skin is NC 25 and below. Otherwise you will ended up too white! Always choose 1 shade darker than your skin tone and then *fingers crossed* it will match nicely. After all, you still have your face powder and blush on that will balance it out. :)



The texture is really moist and the best way to describe it, I can say it’s like semi solid – semi liquid foundation.  When it’s applied, it will melt immediately  when it touches the skin, leaving a nice dewy complexion.

It smells nice too, it’s not floral but it has a subtle herbal scent.

*FOTD + Some Thoughts*


This photo was taken using my BB around 2 PM at that day, so it’s been 6 hours since I applied it. No Photoshop done!


See how my face is glowing even after 6 hours?

That’s what I like from Korean products, it gives me dewy glowing complexion! ^^

The main effect that I feel , the Natural Beige shade makes my skin become 20% – 30% brighter than my original skin tone, which is nice. It doesn’t give any white-ish effect, thankfully.

For oil control it’s good yet standard, I blotted once after 4 hours. I work inside the office with AC, so I think it’s the average time I usually have to use oil-absorbing-paper.

The coverage is medium, it doesn’t cover my blemish completely. But I think it’s good enough to be used everyday especially to the office since I don’t like wearing heavy makeup for too long.

From what I observed, when I see any Korean women including KPop celebrities, they don’t like heavy makeup too, their philosophy of beauty is about Flawless Skin! So it’s not just about makeup, it’s also about good skincare ritual we continuously doing day by day.. (oh no, lazy meeee..) XD

PS: Although I often feature foreign beauty products in my blog, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love our ‘Made in Indonesia’ products ya, hehehe.. I do love my country and our own made products.. <3

I’ll have many beauty posts dedicated to Indonesian traditional beauty haul later on.. (from Bali!) #sneakpeek :D

Alright then, I think that’s all for this post.. Happy Weekend everyone!