Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bremenn 6 in 1 Face Cream Review–Paraben Free! ^^


Oooohh.. What’s in the package??



I got this product to be reviewed from Luxasia representative, and after testing it for more than a month, this is my review.. :)


The box is really informative and it has everything you need to know. The most important thing is, it’s Paraben Free. What’s Paraben, you say? Paraben is a chemical widely used as preservatives by cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Well, knowing that this product has no paraben in it, I think it’s worth to try, right? ^^



The packaging is sleek and simple, white with a touch of blue.


It’s a tube with a pump, so hygienic.



As this cream is really concentrated in my opinion, just a little bit is enough. The content is 38,4 ml and twice pump is enough to cover my whole face.

*Product 101*

From the name itself, it says 6 in 1 skin cream, so what are they?

1. Wrinkle cream

2. Firming cream

3. Smoothing cream

4. Toning cream

5. Brightening cream

6. Moisturizing cream

Bremenn’s 6 in 1 Skin Cream not only reduces the appearance of existing fine lines, wrinkles and crows’ feet, but helps maintain the elasticity, tone, moisture level, smoothness, and the overall look of healthy, radiant skin. Sounds amazing, right? You can check the website, here.

Moving on to the…


This face cream feels light when I rub it with my hand, yet in my face it feels a bit heavy and takes about 1 minute to be absorbed, maybe because I have oily skin? I’m not used to a creamy face cream like this, I  usually use gel-type moisturizer in my daily basis. Need some time to adapt my skin to it, but after a while I’m used to it. If you have dry skin, you may love this cream, though. :)

It’s almost odorless when I try to smell it, so no fragrance which is a good sign for people who doesn’t like strong fragrance in their skincare..

After using this cream regularly for more than 1 month, I can say that this cream is really good in moisturizing (of course la, it’s 6 in 1, hehe),my skin feels smooth and nice to touch. The main effect I feel is it calms the redness & inflammation on my face, making it less visible. It also helps to control acne, right now on average I only have 2-3 acnes monthly due to hormone, usually before my period time. Other than that, I’m fine. *phew* ^^

One thing I regret though, this cream doesn’t have SPF protection in its content. But, in my makeup products like BB Cream and powder, they contain SPF already so I guess that’s okay by me. So far I feel 5 out of 6 benefits the products claimed to have, as for the anti-wrinkle power I don’t really know since I don’t have wrinkle yet.. :p

The price is quite expensive, however.. It’s $49 so it’s almost Rp 450.000.. Investment for the future, I guess? ^^ If you’re looking for a good quality face moisturizer with lots of benefits and you have dry skin, I think this one is worth to try..

Alright then, see you on my next post! Bye lovelies.. <3

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