Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pond’s White Beauty Natural Blogger Gathering ^^

Recently, the PR from Pond’s contacted me via email and invited me to a blogger gathering to celebrate the launching of their newest product, Pond’s White Beauty Naturals at Marche, Grand Indonesia.
I've never been to a blogger gathering before, so this really made me excited! ^^
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Hallo bloggers!!! \(^_^)/

Here are their links, don’t forget to visit them all ya..
Left Row from Bottom to Up:
Right Row from Bottom to Up:
Me! ^^
Pictures time!
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Here’s Stela, she’s so cute holding her camera like that, hehe
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Smile! ^^
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She’s showing her on-the-go makeup kit, we have almost the same taste in Japanese makeup.. :)
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Stella, Onik and Astrid (from Ponds) posing together! ^^
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Group photo!! ^^
Left to Right:
Me, Stella, Dina, Hanna, Devina & Monique (from Pond’s)
Moving on to the food…
2011-06-04 12.35.29
I had a caesar salad with roasted chicken as topping..
2011-06-04 12.50.16_resize_副本
Garlic bread.. Too bad I didn’t take the picture of my grilled salmon and the pizza (we shared the pizza, of course, hehehe) Or you can see it in Stella’s post here.
While having lunch, the lovely Monique and Devina, the Pond’s PR guided us through the newest Pond’s product: Pond’s White Beauty Naturals
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Tadaaa… The star of the show..
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Pond’s White Beauty Naturals range consists of
Facial Wash, Day Cream & Night Cream
Taken from the website, the link here
I really love the front page, so natural looking.. ^^
It says: Want a naturally white-blushed skin ? The secret is in the Camellia leaf!
What is Camellia Leaf?
It is better known as the Green Tea leaf, it contains Catechin or EGCG which is the main element to slow down our skin darkening process. EGCG also functioning as antioxidant that will prevent our skin to be dull. It is believed that the Camellia Leaf extract has 20x more antioxidant than Vit C. Awesome, right? ^^
You can watch the video there, it will show you how the Camellia leaf extract  can really purify the bad things such as oxidants, pollutions and many imperfections and the best thing is, it will keep our skin healthy and naturally white at the same time..  ^^
The product range explanation.
My interpretation
Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Facial Wash: the facial wash contains micro scrub to gently exfoliate your skin. (when we opened it and tried it on our hand, we can see the tiny-tiny green beads, but it’s barely visible)
Pond’s White Beauty Naturals  Day Cream: it gives you double protection to UV light, what better way to start your day with a naturally white skin? ^^
Pond’s White Beauty Naturals  Night Cream: after a long day of work (tell me about it) and exposed in the sun, it’s time to pamper your skin with extra treatment, cause this night cream will help to repair skin damages and make your skin to look naturally white the next day! ^^
After the product explanation is done and we had more chit-chat, we bloggers were given a free facial spa at the Pond’s Naturals Facial Spa.. Oooohhh… Shall we?
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The design is so pretty! Green and white combined beautifully..
First, I had to go through the skin check..
The result: my skin is oily, and the most shocking truth is… I have dark pigmentation already, although it’s not showing (yet) and still treatable.. *phew* That’s the use of skin check! :)
2011-06-04 14.05.58_resize_副本
The skin check equipment.. Wow..
2011-06-04 14.44.25_resize_副本
It’s me before getting the facial.. Self pic! ^^
2011-06-04 14.45.14_resize_副本
Intermezzo: I was waiting for the facial and can’t help but noticing my oh-so-pretty-nails, hahaha.. It looks like I’ve been manicuring, yes? ^_^
Ok, moving on..
Facial time!
2011-06-04 14.49.02_resize_副本
She’s doing the facial and massage for me..
So good.. If you read my tweets at the moment, you can see how happy I was, hehehe..
After having a facial, there’s also a free makeup counter where you can have the makeup artist to do the makeup for you..
2011-06-04 14.52.59_resize
The lady standing on the left was the one who did the makeup for me, she’s so pretty and kind! ^^ Overall I’m very happy with the service at the Pond’s Naturals Facial Spa, they are all so kind and helpful, love them all!  
Oohh, and don’t forget about the goodie bag! Here it is!
2011-06-04 13.56.56_resize_副本
One thing that makes me and other bloggers so curious was this..
2011-06-04 13.57.45_resize
Oooh, what’s this? Very cute Camellia leaf shape! Let’s see what is this exactly… ^^
It’s a USB Flash Disk! hehehe.. ^^
Bag organizer, makeup bag, agenda cover and Pond’s booklet
A full range of Pond’s White Beauty Naturals products for me to try!Yay! \(^_^)/ 
Now I can test them all at home, and after I’m done reviewing this, I’ll let you all know ya.. Since it’s a skincare product, I have to try it out at least for a week or 2 to know the proper result. :)
OK then, it’s been a very exciting post to write and I’m very blessed to have the opportunity to meet with other Indonesian beauty bloggers, make new friends and it was a blast to attend a blogger gathering, so much fun.. Open-mouthed smile  Wish we could have more event like that in the future!
See you at the next post! ^^