Sunday, December 25, 2011

Nuffnang Asia Pasific Blog Awards 2011– The Awesomeness ^^

Hello guys!! ^^ To start this post, my head was banging real hard cause I barely had the time to sleep for the past week. 4 days. 3 days in KL for #napbas and 1 day in Lampung to do some college stuff left me no time to rest (after that continue working). T__T” But I’m super excited to share my experience to be part of Nuffnang Asia Pasific Blog Awards #napbas 2011!


I got the invitation!! Well, me and Stella did, hehe..

Here’s a little explanation about #NAPBAS from the website here:

The Awards aims to honour the crème d la crème of bloggers across the Asia-Pacific region. After 2 months of nominations, voting and campaigning, it will all culminate with the prestigious awards ceremony in Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, the bustling capital of Malaysia.

500 bloggers, including the biggest names in the blogosphere from all over Asia-Pacific, will be invited to the gala dinner at Putrajaya Marriott on 16 December 2011, where they will be dazzled by celebrity emcees and talented entertainers well-loved in the region.


Nuff introduction, here comes The Awesomeness..



We (me and Stella) arrived at Marriot Putrajaya Hotel Kuala Lumpur!! The nuffies even picked us up from the KLIA airport, they’re so organized so we won’t be lost, hehe.. It was 2 PM when we arrived at the hotel so we hurried up to prepare ourselves..

Fast forward to almost 6 PM, we’re ready!!!


I decided to keep it simple that night, a black dress and heels. I didn’t even curl my hair, cause I don’t want give more ‘heat’ to my head.. So nervous already cause we’re basically strangers here. We knew nobody there and so scared to the idea that no one will accept and be our friends. Boy, how we were wrong!

At the lobby, we met Tim, the one who invited us in the first place to go to #NAPBAS!


He talked to us and made these nervous girls calm again and introduced us to the crowd. Yay! ^^


With Clarissa and Glow..

We met with the Malaysian bloggers first, they’re so nice to us! #sotouched

Actually there are more pictures of us with a group with them, but not with my camera.. If any of you have it please tag me ok?? :D


With Isaac from After the event I just knew that he’s very famous among Malaysian entertainment bloggers and very friendly too.. Nice to know you too Isaac! ^^


Even took picture with Glow at the bathroom when we went to fix Stella’s lashes. The bathroom has a HUGE mirror, so we can’t say no to more pictures, hehe..


Oohh oohh, who’s that with the pink hair?? It’s gotta be.. XIAXUE!!! *faint


OMG OMG I met Xiaxue!! ^^ So happy that I can see her in real life and take picture with her, felt surreal.. \(^_____^)/


I feel like meeting with all the blogging celebrities here, here with Audrey and Cheesie!!

Usually I only see (and admire) them through their blogs and Twitter and now I feel so lucky to meet them in person! Woot woot! ^o^


With Bonqiuqiu, omg she is so pretty! ^^


With KY from, I used to drool over his blog, since he’s a food blogger.. #excited


Jean and Lenne from Singapore.. All very stylish and sophisticated! Love knowing them! ^^


Everyone’s taking pictures with everyone.. I heard everybody’s talking and photo-ing every second, it’s a big crowd in here! They told me there’s 550+ bloggers from 10 countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, HongKong,  China, Australia, Brunei, Indonesia and Japan!)


Meet again with Leony, the awesome mommy blogger! ^^ We first met at the airport and so happy that finally meet again here! She’s actually Indonesian but living in Singapore, she even got nominated as the Best Parenting Blog finalist! Woot woot! ^o^

After snapping like 9874682749 photos outside the ballroom, we went inside the hall in front of the ballroom to meet.. this..


Even more bloggers! ^^ Can you imagine meeting so many bloggers in one night? #overwhelmed


The official photo of me, Sochii and Stella! Sochii is a gyaru/cosplayer blogger from Singapore, she’s so sweet! ^^


The sign board for us to sign! ^^


Photo with Clarissa! She looks really similar to my fave Youtube artist/singer, Megan Lee. Don’t you think?


Waaa.. Ben from I just read his blog before I went to KL and now here he is! I think he looks like a KPop star, don’t you think? Awesome hair! XD


With Janice from, she’s so pretty and has this cute Aussie accent like my cousins in Perth, hehe! Nice knowing you! :D


A very tall and beautiful lady from Even more prettier in real life.. <3


Yummy corner!


Lookt at the QR Code embedded to the cake slices! Very creative! ^^


Celebrating THE BEST OF THE BEST In The Blogosphere! YES! ^^

It’s time to enter the ballroom.. Jeng jeng jeng…



Camwhoring with Stella first.. Can’t believe that we’re here! ^^


My Blackberry has to ‘eksis’ too in this blog post, hehe.. Yay! ^^


We’re seated in table #22, with the bloggers from Thailand.. They’re very friendly!IMG_2052_resize

That’s Pang Kirari the top beauty blogger from Thailand talking to..ehm..cute waiter, hehe..

Pang’s so adorable and so sweet, like a barbie doll.. ^^


Beside Pang is Pupe, the top male beauty blogger (kinda like Ferdinand Rebzone here in Indonesia, hehe).. He’s so kind and friendly too! ^^


Here’s what we had that night, so yummy! ^^

omg this post is getting longer and longer please bear with me!! XD


The award event went smooth that night, with 2 MCs, Nadia Heng and Liang.. They’re very interactive with the audience. Awesome!


The award was opened by the speech from, who else? The 2 co-founders of Nuffnang of course! Ming and Tim!! ^^

Tim even mentioned us bloggers who flew all the way from Indonesia.. Aww.. #sosweet

Their speech was so touching, it really describe how Nuffnang and blogging community evolves together.

I also followed the history of Nuffnang since 2008. I remember it’s about their first paycheck from Nuffnang and I’m surprised that there’s such a blogging advertising community existed. They treated every member like family, that’s what I like.. :’) And now in 2011, wow, look how far we’ve all become! #suddenlyemo

Ok la, nuff emo, let’s check out the fun entertainment we had!

The entertainers that entertained us throughout the night..


Performance from Reshmonu and James Baum..


A very artistic photo of him.. He was standing next to Pupe when I took this photo..


A standup comedy performance by Harith Iskander aka Botak! He’s a top Malaysian standup comedian and he’s hillarious! He was talking about the differences about Malaysian and Singaporean (no offense guys), the other side of Bruno Mars ‘Grenade’ song and many more.. So funny a! We were laughing hard for sure, LOL..XD There’s also performance from Viva Circus to accompany our evening.

Anddd…. We have the winners!! CONGRATZ!!!


NAPBAS 2011 Best Photography Blog -

NAPBAS 2011 Best Geek Blog -

NAPBAS 2011 Best Food Blog -

NAPBAS 2011 Best Fashion Blog -

NAPBAS 2011 Most Original Blog Design -


NAPBAS 2011 Best Parenting Blog -

NAPBAS 2011 Best Travel Blog -

NAPBAS 2011 Best Entertainment Blog -

NAPBAS 2011 Best Lifestyle Blog -

NAPBAS 2011 Hidden Gem -

NAPBAS 2011 Best Micro Blog - haha this photo is funny, it looks like I photoshopped this guy right? Dunno who he was, hehe..

NAPBAS 2011 Most Influential blog -

NAPBAS 2011 Region's Best blog -

It’s a big win for XiaXue since she won 2 awards that night, but hey, we’re all winners right? #itrhymes ^^

This event was a HUGE Success and I had a great time that night, we all did. 

I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to attend this #NAPBAS and most of all, be a part of Nuffnang community.. #tearyeyes

That’s it for this post, for now, hehe.. I’ll continue the rest part of my KL journey in a separate post later on.. 

My last photo from #NAPBAS


Happy Me!!

Oh and Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Selamat Natal!!!   *\(^____^)/*