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Perth on my mind.. A day in Caversham Wildlife Park

What a good day to start Perth on my mind post series.. I want to record my holiday into more concentrated posts. I’ve shot about 2200-ish photos along the way, so there’s a lot of tales to tell, haha! ^^

For this post, I will focus on my journey in Caversham Wildlife Park. In Perth, actually there are 2 zoos, one is in the city, but it’s smaller. So we decided to go to Caversham since it’s bigger and has a lot to offer. It took almost an hour to get there, and you know what? An hour distance there is consider so faaaarrrrr away.. Ha, in Jakarta, it took me 1,5 hour to get to the office. One and a half hour man! And that’s regularly, every day. But of course, it's because of the traffic. And the traffic in Jakarta is bad. So you can imagine when we went to Perth and saw the highway there, wow.. So different! Every road is jam-free! Hallelujah! Lancar jaya!


I really like this photo, that’s a wee bit of HDR photo for you!

Ooh, you see the sign there? That’s the sign for the entrance! ^^

Let’s go inside, shall we?


Haha, nice signage.. It clearly shows where you at, yes?

So in front of my room, can I put signage with makeup and skincare instead? bwahahaha..


There’s the road towards the zoo, it’s a clear and sunny day.. So happy that's the weather was nice! The sky was blue and bright, perfect for photo-ing!


The parking lot, my uncle parked his car there. It was not crowded since it was not the weekend. My uncle Ricky took a day off specially to take us to here, aww thank you Uncle! ^^


Photo first with the road sign!  Yay we’ve finally arrived! ^^


Even the paving road there has a Caversham sign! You see, that’s the point of being a photographer (still an amateur la), you found the little things that have the value of interest. You noticed the tiny yet matter things. ^^


That’s the entrance gate! Oh, and one more thing about being a photographer (amateur still), you get left behind so many times. People already walked 10 steps, while you still in the back photo-ing the flowers, hehe..

Alright I’m comiiingggg.. XD


When we purchase the ticket, we got this map of the park. Can’t wait to see the kangaroos! ^^


Ooh, we can still make it to Meet the Wombat & Friends Show! ^^


At the entrance, there’s also a souvenir shop. I’ll share about all my purchases at Aussie in a separate post, ok?


I bought this to quench my thirst at the park. Taste a lil bit different than the coconut water in Indo, but it’s so refreshing.. ^^


The road is easy to follow, so you won’t get lost. :)


What a beautiful scenery, everything is so green..


Beautiful! ^^


Love the tress and the sky is so blue..

Here are some of the animal friends that I met at the park. If I post all of them, this post is gonna be so looongg…This is the first animal friend I saw.. Say helloooo..



Their red and green combination colors reminded me of Christmas! ^^

Ooh, can I teach them how to say “Apa Kabar??” Maybe he’ll reply: *parrot voice* ‘How are you? How are you?’  Since he doesn’t understand Indo, hahaha..


The magnificent peacock! Wow..


My uncle took this photo.. The peacock looks so graceful! ^^


Laughing Kookaburra… *she’s acting cool* Hey, I didn’t see you laughing, come on! LOL


The black swan! Is it possible that your name is Natalie?? :p


An Australian duck, if I’m not mistaken. Hey, where’re your 3 nephews? ^^


Time to sit down! Still have a long way to go..


Even on the bench there’s a map of Australia! ^^

Now for the koala part! Too bad for the koala, I really want to hug them, but they’re protected in their cage and we could only see them through the glass. Awww.. X(


My uncle told that since the accident of the koala had broken ribs (they have very soft and tender ribs) because of the people’s hugs, the park is more careful about displaying them. So no more hugging the koala.. Boohoo.. T__T


It’s me trying to take a picture of the koala.. Bye bye dear.. I will hug your dolls instead..

Thankfully, I didn’t feel sad for long cause after that, I got to meet with the kangaroos up close and personal! Woot woot!


Follow the sign! Turn right.. ^^

We’re here!


The good thing about kangaroos is they’ll ignore you and just layin’ on the ground. Some of them also dig a hole on the ground and just go “Leyeh-leyeh” as we called it, hehe.. Just chillin’ and enjoying the sun..

One hint though, DO NOT RUN. If you run, Bam! You can get kicked. Seriously.

But don’t sneak behind them la, just be normal, hehe..


My mom is so brave, she’s only an inch away from the kangaroo’s nose..


While me, a bit scared, hehehe..


Resting my feet first.. With the kangaroos behind me..


There’s the bridge that goes above the kangaroo part.


You can see below..


The 3 kangaroos were getting ready for hopping contest? Or were they just gossiping?

I think they say:

Kangaroo #1: “You know mate, I feel this blonde hair lady is taking picture of us.”

Kangaroo #2: “Ooh, is that true mate? Wait, how’s my face? Is it oily?”

Kangaroo#3: “Yeah, I guess you’ll need blotting paper, mate. Makeup!!” *shouting to the makeup artist*

Okay, that’s just in my head, hehehe.. I think I can say “mate” in every conversation now, I’m getting good with the OZ accent! XD

Carry on…


We keep on walking..


Following the footsteps of err.. dunno what its name, gorilla perhaps? We found ourselves at..

Meet the Wombat and Friends Show! ^^


After we arrived, there were many people that come too.. They’re flocking around the wooden house/stage.


They’re getting ready for the show! Aww, I wanna hold them too..


Queuing to meet with the Wombat..


Seriously, it is hugeeee.. Look at her holding Mrs. Wombat like a baby, hehe..


Hallooooo.. Aren’t you look sleepy… Is it your nap time?? Sorry for interrupting your zzzzz, hehe..

My mom and Uncle Ricky with the wombat.. ^^


I can still take a picture with the Koala!! Well, not a real one, but this’ll do. And it’s bigger than me! :D


I forgot what’s his name, but he’s so cute! And super friendly too! ^^


My mom’s saying hi to the lizard..


They also display a few of the birds to the visitors.. Lovely colors! ^^

After the show, we’re ready to head for the exit, while seeing more animals of course, we had a lot of fun that day. Going to the zoo is not just for a lil kid, we adults can have such a good time there too! Especially when you bring your family with you!

Now let me end my post with this:


“What are you looking at? Don’t just staring at me.. If you like me, do comment below!” Hehehe.. Bye! ^^

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