Saturday, November 19, 2011

Give me Garnier, with a Lemon Twist

Long time no see everyone, you all miss me?? hehehe.. Time for another review! ^^

This time I got a package from Garnier, and the box is hugeee..


Thanks a lot to Garnier Indonesia! ^^

The box is  containing these…


Wooww..look at that! ^^

There’s a cute travel pillow (or is it a mask pillow?), a headband, and of course, Garnier Lightening Peel-Off Mask. It contains pure Lemon essence to brighten up your skin! ^^



Instantly illuminates complexion? Oooohhh.. Let’s see about that! ^^



From the back of the packaging, we can see that it’s a peel-off mask that’s used to gently remove impurities and dead skin cells so it will reveal a brighter complexion. Voila!


Also with natural ingredients? I’m so ready to try it on!

*The content*


The content inside is yellow-lemon-ish color, with the smell like a lemon and it’s quite strong too.. The texture is also a bit sticky and gooey. And it dries out quickly on my hand, so I have to be fast on applying it to my face.

When I used this mask, I also used the headband and the travel pillow to make me more comfortable. Guess what? Yep, I fell asleep. Snoozed… Zzzzzz…That pillow is so comfortable la, hahahaha.. Thankfully I turned on the alarm on my BB to make sure I peel it off in time. :)

After about 15 minutes, we have the.. *jeng jeng jeng*



FYI, I didn’t enhance the photo, only cropping. Okay, I cropped my face cause I have a really bad blemishes on my cheeks, but you got the idea. My face looks brighter after one usage of this mask. It’s not like a pale whitening effect, but it gives a more healthy radiant look to my face. Also for inflammation and redness was reduced a bit.   I used this mask at night, and this one feels good! Finally, after long hours of work, No More ‘kucel’ face! ^^

You can still see some of the remaining mask on my face there, and you know what? The best part when using this mask is when I got to peel it off, it’s like peeling your old skin, hehe.. 

This is what “after the peel off” looks like..


Bye bye old skin and dead skin cells! See you no more! ^^

But don’t forget, I’ll see you ladies soon.. :D

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  1. Cici, aku penasaran sama instantly illuminates complexionnya.
    itu untuk apa sih ci ?