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Ponds Review!

Hey everybody! Remember this? ^^ Yup, I’m back for a review!  
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We had great fun! ^^

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Pond’s White Beauty Naturals products with Camellia Leaf extract
These are the products given to me, so here’s the review..  


First is the Pond’s White Beauty Naturals Gentle Exfoliating Foam: the facial foam contains micro scrub to gently exfoliate your skin.

Back of the packaging.

ponds face wash
You can see the tiny-tiny green beads there.. When I rub it to my face, the green beads scrubbing is mild so it doesn’t feel harsh.

me facial wash ponds

Here’s a picture of me using the facial foam, the exfoliating foam is light and soft, with a hint of Camellia leaf scent.
I use this 2x a day, morning and night, and the result after using this, my face feels brighter as it removes the dullness off. (No more ‘kucel’ face, hehe)
After using it, my face feels clean and fresh. It’s not drying and it keeps my face moist and oil free nicely.


Next is the Pond’s White Beauty Naturals  Day Cream: it gives you double protection to UV light, what better way to start your day with a naturally white skin? ^^

ponds day

The texture is quite light and easy to absorb. I did tell you that I like the scent and it’s true! ^^ After I used this, my skin feels moisturized and hydrated. Ready for makeup-ing!


Pond’s White Beauty Naturals  Night Cream
The packaging is pretty similar with the day cream, and it’s made of glass jar, sometimes I’m afraid I’ll break it so I put it in my skincare drawer. Safe and sound! Smile 
After a long day of work (tell me about it) and exposed in the sun, it’s time to pamper your skin with extra treatment, cause this night cream will help to repair skin damages and make your skin look naturally white the next day! ^^

ponds night

The texture is a bit thicker than the day cream.
In this collection, I really like the night cream. I’ve been using this for quite a while and I have to say, this night cream is my staple product at the moment. It smells lovely and makes skin soft and bouncing healthily in the morning, hehe.. If you want to try an affordable yet good quality night cream, I think Pond’s is worth to try. Thumbs up!

That’s it for this review, I hope you find it useful! See you on the next post.. ^o^

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