Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Event with Beauty Bloggers! ^^

Morning everyone! Ah, such a lovely Sunday.. One thing I’m loving about weekend is the freedom to sleep looonggg and wake up when I feel I want to.. ^^

After I woke up this morning, my mind is still fresh and suddenly I remember, “Aha! Why don’t I write about the recent Lancome beauty blogger gathering?”

So here it is, I’m reporting it to all of you..

lancome logo

Ms. Irma from Lancome contacted and invited me to attend the launch of Lancome’s newest product: Maqui Blanc Miracle! Of course I’d say YES! ^^

The event took place in Lancome’s counter at Debenham’s Senayan City, Jakarta.

Everybody’s already on the spot! Gosh, I’m so lateeee.. XD

Yes, I was so embarrassed because I was running late to the event, I had to attend a family event before this so I had to rush to this event. Nevertheless, I made it! Phew..

Let’s take a look around the counter, shall we?


I immediately go into the perfume corner and Wow! Take a look at that!

Lancome has an impressive collection of perfume, and beautifully arrayed too.. :O

tresor in love

But still, my favorite is Lancome Tresor in Love! Compare to its older sister, Lancome Tresor, Tresor in Love has more fruity-floral notes so it’s fresher and suits more to the younger audience (including me). ^^


So many Lancome products, I’m amazed!

sushi bar

They called this “Sushi Bar”, because it has many Lancome products in one plate and it’s moving in circle like the one in Sushi bar, haha!

big l g

WAUW.. Check this out! A giant bottle of Lancome Genifique, haha! ^^


Lancome lipstick and lipgloss collection!

After finished taking pictures, Ms. Irma asked me to try one of their service that you can try at Lancome counter, which is their “2 Minute Aura” treatment. It’s not exactly like a make over, but it’s retouching your makeup to release your inner beauty aura. It only takes 2 minutes, so it’s fast! For example, if I want to go somewhere after office, I can use this technique to prep myself.. ^^


Special thanks to Mbak Wardah who helped me with the '’2 Minute Aura” treatment! You’re so kind, nice to meet you too.. ^^


I love the mini Lancome Genifique made into a cute brooch, nice touch!


Let the treatment began.. I have to use a head band to prevent my long hair stand in the way, hehe..


And these are the products she used!


Lancome Genifique came first, as it will prep and revitalize the skin after a long day of work..2 pumps is enough. How to apply it? She patted it on my face so it will absorb the skin and moisturized it from the inside.

After that, it’s basically like retouching your makeup. Using Lancome UV Expert GN Shield and Teint Miracle foundation, she reapplied the base makeup. And also putting some powder and blush. Almost done!

lancome lipstick

What I like the most is the lipstick. I used this L’absolu Rouge #366, pink with a hint of Fuchsia in it. It really brightens up my lip.. Ooohh. I have to buy this later! ^^ (Purchase list, check!)

After 2 minutes, I was done, but because I was too busy checking out on what others are doing so I forgot to take a picture of “After Photo”, haih..

What I can tell is:

- face feels refreshed

- doesn’t feel heavy to my face

- feels like my beauty aura is glowing from the inside (how to explain this ya?) I feel beautiful from inside, glowing is the word suits best to describe it.

Meanwhile, let’s take a look on what others were doing..

3 bbg

I love candid photo! It’s like catching an unpredicted moment of the people around you, hehe..

l-r: Daisy, Marcell, and our new friend: Naomi Aryanti. They’re busy chit-chatting, not aware that I was sneaking with my camera capturing this moment, bwahahaha.. XP


I caught Stella was watching me while I was in the middle of “2 Minute Aura treatment” so I took a picture of her instead, hehe..


Stella and me, she’s very good with using a camera backward like this, her hand is used to take self-portrait from many different angles. Me? Always out of frame, hehehe.. :P


Even Carnellyn was having a treatment from Lancome too! I didn’t disturb her cause she looks very serious at that time.. But this is the after photo:


Looking good, dear! Your face is glowing.. Oh and she’s holding the Lancome L’absolu Crème de Brilliance Lipgloss, one of my fave too..


Ms. Irma posing for the camera with the famous Lancome Teint Miracle foundation

Well, after all fun above, it’s time for the goody bag!


Aww, they have prepared the goody bag specifically with our own name on it! What a surprise! ^^


Since it’s the launching of the new Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle foundation, we got them for free! ^^

I heard so many great things about this foundation online, so we’ll see! It says it will bring your inner light radiance aura to shine, last until 12 hours and most importantly it contains high SPF (SPF 35 PA +++). There are also few more items in the bag, will review that later ya.. \(^_^)/


The lovely beauty consultant was explaining on how to use the product.

irma n ronne

Ms. Irma and Ms. Ronne from Lancome with their best pose!
I didn’t meet Ms. Ronne at the beginning of the event because she was sick and had a fever, but she’s all better now and managed to return to the event to say hi to us. Get well soon! ^^


A big shout-out to all the lovely Beauty Consultants from Lancome counter at Senayan City for their great service to us! Nice to meet you all.. ^^

group photo

We had great time! Bye everyone..

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