Sunday, October 23, 2011

Food Tour Post! (self-explanatory-title-says-it-all)

No intro sentence for this post, let’s skip it to the meal section! Prepare to drool everyone..

This post is totally random, I sometimes forget the names of the food and complete details, but at least we had fun! ^^


Of course I have to tell you, I didn’t eat all these in one day.. XP No way la!


This is the feast we had at Kemiri, one of the Indonesian specialty food court, yummy food and  affordable too! ^^

Let’s see, siomay, soto, rice, satay, emping, es campur.. Wuah!


My current fave drink, Virgin Mojito! ^^ The cheapest one I can find is in Pizza Marzano, only for Rp 25.000,- (around US$3?), exclude tax.


Also from Pizza Marzano, Grand Chicken Caesar Salad. Take a look at that, GRAND Chicken man.. :D


We went to Pancious Pancake House to celebrate my boss’ birthday at that time


Penne pasta something with beef. I just can’t remember. :p but it was so good…


Look at the waffle! Fresh strawberry with chocolate sauce and choco ice cream! Oh what a pleasure.. (plus it’s free, hajaaarrr)


I’m currently also in love with Roppan.. A toast to happiness! ^^


Woohoo.. They really do have great presentation there..


I’ve been wanting to try the Hazelnut Mocha Shake, big one on the left. My bro tried the Chocolate Shake and it’s awesome!


Err, these are not food, obviously, but they’re part of the eating process, since they’re my culinary partner in crime, haha! ^^ Here we are at Nanny’s Pavillion.. Such a girly and cute restaurant.. And I really mean it by girly, it’s all Frenchy and cute there..


Creamy Fettuccini pasta with mushroom. Yummy combo!


May not look so attractive at first, but we really do need greens to help our tummy to digest, right my dear tummy?? *rubbing my tummy*


Ooohh, and this one is from Pepper Lunch, great concept and I love the salmon dish here..


Ah I remember this one, a very bitter Macchiato from McD.. (Of course la it’s bitter..) When I drink it, my eyes went like this.. O_O But I still get to sleep 1 hour later, coffee affects nothing to my sleeping hours, bwahaha!


Oh! For Chinese food lovers out there, this Kangkung Cha Beef and tiny eggs is fantastic la! Gotta try it.. ^^


Sorry for the blurry photo, I took this in the middle of the midnite.. Around 12 PM-ish, we were just finished after the Batik event, I was so hungry so I ate whatever’s left in the warung there. Indomie it is.. I gotta tell you, when you’re hungry, anything tastes good. But it is Good! I was just saying, haha..


Another noodle photo, but this one is Korean style noodle with Kimchi! ^^ Ooohh, I love the Kimchi part! ^^

Uh-oh, this post is getting longer and longer, I should probably make part 2, otherwise I can hear your tummy rumbling from the computer screen, haha! ^^

See you on the next Food Tour Post! Happy Eating cause eating makes me happy! :D

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