Sunday, September 11, 2011

The sweetest night with the bloggers–Parlez Moi d’Amour! ^^

Hello everyone! For this post, I will share about our latest blogger gathering sponsored by Luxasia Indonesia to introduce the new John Galliano perfume, Parlez Moi d’Amour! It means: Speak to me about Love.. <3
I decided to edit the pictures into sephia and lomo tone to emphasize the romantic side of this perfume.. Shall we? 

Hello beauty bloggers! ^^ Nice to see you all!
The event took place at The Hampton Café at Kemang, South Jakarta. And look! The interior decoration was absolutely sweet and Parisian style. I love the delicate feeling of how it resembles the sweetness of l’Amour aka LOVE! ^^
Yummy corner! So cuteee..
Everything is so sweet.. ^^
A Parisian style drawer..
A treasure box filled with so much love..
Beauty bloggers on action!
Stella’s busy with the camera.. ^^
Checking on the photo result, she likes photography just like me.. ^^
Hello Hannah! Looking cute with the glasses!
Nissa’s striking a pose beside the fireplace..
Putri Kansil is so serious, hehe..
After we’re done with the photo snapping, it’s time for the main event!
Meet the representative from Luxasia Indonesia, on the left is Tebitha and right is Lena!
I took photos of them in a more artistic way..
Both look gorgeous! ^^
They’re explaining about the newest perfume from John Galliano which is Parlez Moi d’Amour, which means, like I’ve said earlier, Speak to me about love.. Aww.. isn’t it sweet?? ^_~
Up close and personal with this lovely perfume..
Lena and Tebitha told us that this perfume is the love letter from John Galliano himself, a man full with art and passion for fashion and beauty.. <3
Her muse for this perfume is Taylor Momsen, you probably know her from Gossip Girl, and she’s looking fierce in this ad!
Rebel Chic aura..
Edgy, tough yet still showing her feminine side.
The notes of this perfume are:
Top notes: Blueberry, Ginger, Bergamot
Middle notes: Jasmine Sambac, Lavender, Turkish Rose 
Base notes: Musk, Indonesian Patchouli, Cypress
When I first sniffed it, I can almost taste the sweet blueberry, like a fresh syrup. In the beginning it was fruity yet the ginger note made it unique.
After that, the roses start to come out and it feels so light yet indulging..
I think I’ve been swept away by the enchanting scent, hehe. I mean, it literally took my breath away.
The rose, jasmine and lavender notes combined together to a perfect harmony in the heart of this perfume..
After that, it toned down to a subtle musk, cypress and patchouli base.
My first impression to this fragrance is it’s irresistibly charming. And captivating, of course. It’s not too sweet or too girly, it has a little bit of rebel side in it. Not an ordinary beauty. It’s like writing your own love letter.
And speaking of which.. Lena & Tebitha suddenly gave us this poster-size letter to write on, and because it’s so huge, we were kinda speechless on what to write.
Even Stella is thinking hard, hehe.. She’s so cute!
After a bit of discussion, we came up with this:
Dear John,
Your fragrance took my breath away..
For us, this is the sweetest love letter smells like.
Lots of love,
Indonesian Beauty Bloggers…
All of us signed this and sent it back to John with love, hehe.. ^^
In conclusion, the meeting was such a blast and we really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for Luxasia Indonesia who has invited us.. Open-mouthed smile
And not to forget, we have these little macaroons to take home with us!
Alright, see you on the next post!
Au revoir, mon amour..


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