Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Missha Super Aqua Mineral Cleansing Water review! ^^

Hello hello! ^^
Happy Monday everyone, how do you do? 
Me, I’m still having a little flu, and at work today, my coworkers told me, hey you still sick? Not healthy yet? Nooo.. –_-“ But don’t worry, I’m drinking vitamin C to the max here, hohohoho..

For this post, I’d like to share about my findings on this Korean brand, Missha! Maybe you’ve heard about it before, it’s quite a popular brand for all you Korean-cosmetic lovers, hehe..

I bought these:

- Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #23 Natural shade (it’s a bonus sample)
- Missha Tea Tree Sheet Mask
- Missha Super Aqua Mineral Cleansing Water (Usually I’m using a lotion/cream base makeup remover, but I found that it makes my face more oily. That’s why I’m trying something new now)


The description on the back of the bottle was all in Korean, can’t understand at all, hehe..

missha back

Here’s a description from the website here, in case you can’t read from the photo (it’s tiny, I know! >_<)

Super Aqua MIneral Cleansing Water
Cleansing water with minerals for sensitive skin

1. Enriched with minerals - contains Blue Lagoon Water and mineral water with skin reliving and moisturizing effect that keeps the skin hydrated and healthy after use.
2. Mild cleansing - Free of any colors, scent or alcohol that might cause irritations on sensitive skin
- Used mild botanical cleansing ingredients derived from coconut designed for sensitive skins
- PH-neautral to be gentle around the sensitive skin such as the eye area

1. Sweet Flag Extract
Known to be used for oriental medicine with skin cleansing, relaxation and soothing effect
2. Willow Bark Extract
Extracted from Willow tree bark, that protects the skin from harmful elements and the natural BHA ingredients softens the skin

How to Use:
1. Pump appropriate amount on cotton pads and gently wipe off the makeup and impurities
2. Cleanse once more using a makeup cream in case of heavy makeup or wash off with lukewarm water using cleansing foam

missha ingredient

Full Ingredients as enlisted above, so some of the ingredients are: Water (of course) Glycerin, sea water, stem extract & rose water, and then… amethyst & pearl powder? Wow.. Quite the ingredients it has there.. ^^

missha cotton

Here’s how it looks like on the cotton, it’s almost colorless as you can see here. When I rub it on my hand, the texture is watery, without any trace of scent. I was a bit surprised, because knowing it has rose water in the ingredient, I thought there would be rosy scent in it, but there’s not. Good for sensitive skin, I guess? ^^


After that, I test it out to wipe out my full-office-makeup-face. Voila!
The 2 pictures above are the 1 (same) cotton pad that I used for my whole face. When it touched the skin, the water turned into a more milky and creamy soft texture. And then it dissolved the makeup from my face and made the makeup removing process better, making my face feels more hydrated, cleaner & fresher! ^^

The cleansing power to remove the makeup from my face is pretty OK, to completely remove all the trace of makeup, it’s gonna need about 2 cotton pads + another toner.
All in all, I think it’s a good product to keep and since it’s a tall 250 ml size bottle, I think the $13 (around Rp 115.000,-) prize is worth it. I can use this for a long time.. Smile 
Ah, that reminds me, I have another makeup remover to review, but that’s for next-next post yaaaa… (you must be super curious now, mwahahahaha)


NEXT! I have Missha Tea Tree Sheet Mask in my next post, but I’ll have to continue tomorrow since I’m so sleepy right now, I’ve been yawning like 50 times for the last hour, hehehe.. (Ok just kidding) but it really is almost midnite now, I’d better go to sleep fast! G’nite and sweet dreams everyone.. ^^


  1. For this post, I’d like to share about my findings on this Korean brand, Missha! Maybe you’ve heard about it before, it’s quite a popular brand for all you Korean-cosmetic lovers, hehe.. Plumbing Judge

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