Friday, August 5, 2011

All about eyes – Swatches & Reviews ^^

Hello all! I think it’s time for another review, I haven’t done one since quite a long time ago, so here goes! ^^

I have this cutie eyeshadows from Beauty Buffet, the Anne&Florio Bakery Cream – Shadow.


It’s from Thailand! Ok I didn’t buy this at Thailand la, I bought this in Jakarta, hehe.. You can visit its cute website in  It has a bakery like layout, with the awning and everything, hehe! ^^


Left – Right: brown – nude pink – shimmering creamy eyeshadow base.


The swatches! Look lovely isn’t it? The brown one sure does bring a good definition to the eyes, but the nude pink is too subtle and it will settle on the eyes; gives it a natural healthy look. It’s not a strong pink color, nevertheless I’m pretty satisfied with the longlasting power, so it’s still ok for me la. Smile 

Next I want to introduce my new eye brush collection from Ecotools:


2011-07-16 14.27.33_resize

I bought them recently at FD Bazaar in Kemang Village from Sheylla aka Creamymilk –, she’s so pretty! Nice to know you, Sheylla! ^^ I’ve been lemming for these brushes for quite a while so I was so happy when I finally bought them.. Open-mouthed smile 

The set contains 5 brushes which are: Crease, Shade, Highlight,  Smudge & Blend. They all have fine bristle, very soft.

In my opinion, a good brush means it will transfer (almost) all the powder to your skin and the makeup will not stick to the brush. I think these brushes done a pretty good job for my eye makeup, so I’m keeping them carefully. Maintenance is necessary, so I try to wash my brush regularly.

Closer look on the brushes:


I like to start my eye makeup from the crease (lipatan mata). So this one goes first for me.


After that, it’s the shade brush. If I want to make a cat eye look, or define my outer corner, this is the brush.


For smokey look, this is the smudge brush. Or I use this for eyelining my upper and under eye to get that black goth look, usually for night makeup.


Highlight brush is a very useful one, I can use it to highlight under my eyebrow with this and to apply the translucent loose powder under my eyes to avoid any fallout. This brush is also good to highlight the inner corner eyes, to make the eyes look deeper.


Last but not least is the Blend brush. This brush is crucial to use. If not, your eyes will look weird cause they have all the harsh line and color clashing all together. So don’t forget to blend your eyeshadow, ok? ^^


. brown eyes2_副本

Bright lighting – ideal for day look

brown eyes_副本

Dark lighting – night look here we go!

I think it really creates a simple and will-go-to-anywhere-look. I usually use this eyeshadow for work, it’s not overpowering and easy to apply. Basically just apply the creamy eyeshadow base and then play around the brown and pink one. Done and done, hehe! ^^

No FOTD for this post cause my skin is acting up like crazy.. *sigh* Pimples and blemishes are on the loose! Grrr.. I’m applying face mask regularly these couple of weeks, but I guess it’s just the hormones, yikes.. XD

Ok then, that’s all for this post, I’ll be back with more reviews and FOTDs (soon, hopefully).

Time to sleep now! G’nite! ^^

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