Sunday, August 28, 2011

MUFE Blogger Makeup Class–The Report

Hi hi hi…

Hello everyone!! I’m back with my report on Make Up For Ever Beauty Blogger Makeup Class!

The event was held on MUFE Academy in Plaza Indonesia, 4th floor. But before that, we decided to have a blogger meet up before at Bakerinz for a little chit-chatting! Read Stella’s post about it, here


Hanna, Putri, Franky


With Stella joining, hehe..

I was arrived a little late because my work just finished on 5.30 PM, so I didn’t have much photo in there, but I did manage to eat, because I’m starviiingg… 


My Caesar Salad + extra chicken.. Yumm..



Soon after that, the rep from MUFE called us and telling that the class was about to start… Waaaa.. we rushed to go to the class.. (feeling like high school again, hehe)


Here we are! ^^


We are busy taking picture inside the “classroom” ^^


So many MUFE products, I’m awed.. Surprised smile


Snacks! Yummy! ^^


The class is about to start! Adinda is giving a foreword about this makeup class..


We the students listened to her carefully, but still, when the camera is on, nobody can resist to pose! hehehe.. ^^


Agustin was explaining how to use the Shade Finder wheel.. Open-mouthed smile 

So here’s how to read it:

2011-08-28 12h12_03

For the lipsticks, we have the perfect nudes, reds and pinks

Since my hair is brown (dyed), so I have to match it with my goldish skintone, you can see your skintone by the reflection of your skin in the light.

To determine the foundation color, swatch the foundation to your jawline (tulang rahang), if it disappear and blend nicely, it’s your shade. Mine is 120.

For concealer, I usually look for the lighter one, and so does with the primer. But I didn’t  use the pink primer cause I have many blemishes I want to minimize the redness..


Tommy, BA –Beauty Advisor- from MUFE helped Stella to find her perfect shade for foundation.

First, always and always, use the makeup primer. We’re using the MUFE Elixir and MUFE HD Primer. Like this:


I used the green one to hide the redness and the yellow one to even out the complexion.. After that, use the MUFE HD Foundation.




Time for concealer! I had to use lots and lots of concealer cause my skin was having so many breakouts.. Boohoo.. T__T


My fave time: Blush on! ^^ I used the yellow darker to contour my chubby face Open-mouthed smile, and the pink one to give my cheek a bit of color, but it’s still natural cause it’s used under the powder.

2011-08-28 12h27_43

The swatches on my hand, when applying the blush on, you have to smile, and using the brush/finger, apply the cream blush from the upper cheekbone to the apples of your cheek.


OK almost done, on to the powder..


Agustin is showing us how to use the powder, so basically, you just have to swirl it on your face, and don’t stop until it’s blended nicely.


Like this.. move the brush clockwise and swirl it on your face continuously, I usually start from the cheek.


Nissa’s joining to try on the brush too! Btw the brush is so expensive, it’s +/- $50.. but I guess you’re paying for the quality ya, cause the bristle is soooo fine & soft.. I osowant.. T__T


My finished result!


Yaaayyy.. I didn’t retouch this photo ya, only resizing.. Even in the photo, my face looks glowy.. Love! ^^

Let’s see how the other beauty bloggers are doing.. Hellooowww… Open-mouthed smile 


Looking good, Marcelle! ^^


Hello Daisy! ^^


Susi is acting cool, hehehe..


Carnelyn and her sister, smileee.. Smile


Look! Franky’s having Astrid as his model..


Photos first for before and after comparison..


Franky is so serious.. Read his post here


Done! Voila! Woww… You really got the talent, Franky.. She looked so beautiful… ^^


Awesome ladies from Make Up For Ever Indonesia! We heart you all.. ^^


Poor Franky, hehehe.. You see the cameras hanging on him, those were not all, actually, I remember there’re like 10 or more, haha! Smile with tongue out


Photo time! ^^ Susi, Marcelle, me and Nissa


So cute, Stella! ^^


Franky and Astrid, yay good job! ^^


Carnellyn and her sister, and Putri Kansil


Cominica is so cute.. Nice to meet you too! ^^


Blogger photos!! It’s a wrap everyone!! ^^

See you at the next post!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yves Rocher haul & review! ^^

Hi everybody… How are you guys doing?

Now I’m back with the review of my Yves Rocher haul!

Here they are:


Tadaaa… jeng jeng jeng..

l-r: Yves Rocher Organic Oats Silky Lotion 400 ml

Yves Rocher Yellow Peach Shower Gel 400 ml (2 bottles, I bought them in a buy 2 get 1 promo)

Yves Rocher Yellow Peach Eau de Toilette 100 ml

Start with this one..


Yves Rocher Yellow Peach Shower Gel 400 ml

This is my second purchase of this shower gel, I really like the peach scent. Soft, velvety and calming. Usually the other peach fragrance I found in the market are too intense and striking my nose but this one is different.


See the texture? Yup, it’s gel and it’s easy to foam once it touches water.

Explanation from the website here.

The result after I use this, my skin become utterly soft to touch and moist. Not drying at all, no squeaky clean feeling. I’m really loving it!

And when you leave the bathroom, the soft peach fragrance stays there and gives you cozy feeling. Only us girls who think bathing time is an indulging experience, hehe! ^^

Next, the fragrance:


Yves Rocher Yellow Peach Eau de Toilette 100 ml

Lovely peach scent! ^^ I instantly fell in love when I first sniff it, hehe..

The peach note smells ripe, fresh and balanced with the rest of the notes. Its fruity fragrance feels so soft in your body.

I usually wear this in the office when I need a lift up to my mood. And you know, I really believe fragrance does affect your mood and feeling.

When I feel romantic, I will wear my fave cherry blossom perfume and I’ll feel more beautiful.. ^_^

When I feel tired, I’ll turn on my aromatherapy candle and put some bergamot oil  to make me energized again..

*What about you? What kind of perfume you like to wear when you feel..

IN LOVE?? –wink-wink- Winking smile

Next, the body lotion…


yves r bl

Yves Rocher Organic Oats Silky Lotion 400 ml

The website explanation, here.

You can see the texture there is light yet rich with moisturizer.. 

The color is white and when I apply it, it’s quick when I massage it to my skin. Makes my body really silky soft and smells good.. ^^ My mom likes this lotion, she says the smell is very feminine.

Also, when I use this in morning before work, I can feel the lotion is more long lasting in my skin. Cause after all the traffic on my way to office and hours after that, my skin still feels soft to touch. Thumbs up for going organic! ^^


Okay then, that’s it for my Yves Rocher haul!

That reminds me, I have tons of ‘hutang postingan’ (read: have to post so many but still delayed) gaaahhhh… T__T

I’ll try my best to catch up ASAP, jiayouuu… Open-mouthed smile 

PS: Btw, in case you don’t know, yesterday on August 15th is my 22nd birthday, and since I feel so happy about it… so I’m gonna make a birthday post tomorrow! (Ehm, tomorrow means now, hehe..)

See you all in the next post! Hip hip hurrah!!! \(^_^)/