Monday, July 18, 2011

Sariayu Trend Warna 2011 Contest, I’m in! ^^

Hello everyone! ^^
Long time no see, how are you girls doing?

About me, well I’m so excited because right now I’m entering this competition called the "Vote Me" Trend Warna Sariayu 2011 Contest!

So basically I’ll have to do a look using their new color trend of 2011, upload my photo to their website and then get voters (and I mean you my friends, huehehehe)  to vote for me much as possible! This contest is held from June 10th – July 22th 2011, I know it’s so close to the deadline, but better late than never, right?
The prizes are:  iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry Gemini 8520, and merchandise package from Sariayu. (Ooohh, I want the iPad, buahahahaha..)

Here are their 4 Color Trend of 2011:

The “Petikan Sitar” trend, the brownish nude color is described as the "Sensual Glaze” (btw I like the dress she wore, hehehe)


Dendang Rebana” trend, the highly contrast purple and green match perfectly! “Romantic Desert” indeed.. :)


Denting Kecapi” trend, the trio purple colors look really cute on her eyes, don’t you think? I instantly love this “Oriental Misty”! ^^

dr copy

Last but not least, the “Alun Serunai” trend, the yellow and orange color feel like a sunset tone for me, it is described as the “Natural Spicy

Hmmm.. With all of these 4 gorgeous color trends to pick, which one do you think I’ll choose?? Guess! ^^








Here we goooo… \(^_^)/

Tadaaaa.. The Dendang Rebana set.. It has a trio eyeshadow, 2 lipsticks and 2in1 lipgloss. If any of you guessed the Oriental Misty (since I said that I really like that one too) it was a real close guess, but I think for this look, I’m up for something really contrast to define my eyes.. So lets see how it looks like! ^^


Beautiful colors, eh? ^^
- Dark purple color, used to highlight your outer V-corner
- Bright purple, for the crease
- Bright green, love this color! ^^


The lipsticks, the colors are nice and they even smell good too! ^^


The 2in1 lipgloss is very interesting, this one right here is more pink.


And this left one is more nude, a bit of brownish color on my lips.
Anyway, this is my attempt on trying the eyeshadow..


First I‘m using the green color on my crease and the purple on my waterline..


The next one is vice versa, I used the purple one on the crease and green on the waterline. Me likey!
FOTD pictures:
I’m using my DSLR to take this picture so as you can see I’m still playing with manual setting here to get different lightings. I really have to practice a lot to be pro photographer..  (Jiayooouuu…) Smile


Wearing a purple batik top! ^^



The eyeshadow! ^^

This is the one I upload:

Don’t forget to Vote for Me yaaaa…

Thank you and Lots of love, mwah!! ^^

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