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Make Up For Ever Meets Beauty Bloggers!

Hello everyone!
For this post, I will share about the wonderful event that happen last Wednesday. So, I was contacted by Make Up For Ever Indonesia to attend the Meet & Greet with David Arbid. He’s a  professional make up artist from MUFE Paris who came all the way to Indonesia, promoting their new HD line. So here I gooooo… ^^

Gorgeous place at Diagonale in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta.

Look at that display, makes you wanna drool la! ^^

Meet the Indonesian beauty bloggers!! ^^
Me, Stella, Hannah & her friend Sari, and Nissa

Photos again! ^^
Okay, another photo with the bloggers, hehe..

Snacks.. Yummy! ^^

The lovely Mya (sorry wrong name) Adinda, representative from Make Up For Ever.. :)

The MC is opening the show..

Stella is being questioned, hehe..

Foreword from the MUFE representative.


David Arbid, pro make up artist from Make Up For Ever Paris, woot woot! ^^ He’s so funny and warm in personality.. Love him!

He’s introducing the new HD line makeup, with their campaign, UNRETOUCHED.
He’s saying that we used to know that makeup is all about heavy foundation and powder all over face. And when we look at our photos, we would be shocked looking how ghastly white our face are. (Oops) In the end, we ended with.. Retouching our photos until we can hardly see our natural beauty anymore. That’s why MUFE decided to launch the High Definition (HD) Line to make you look beautiful even without heavy makeup AND Photoshop.

What a lovely print ad! And it’s UNRETOUCHED??? Wowww..

Let’s go straight for the demonstration!
Look at that make up artist table.. *drool*

The complete MUFE HD line..

First, start with the MUFE HD Elixir & HD Primer to prep your skin and hydrate it.  After that, David was using the MUFE HD Foundation.

Massage your face starts from the neck so the foundie will blend perfectly with your skin. You don’t want your neck to be in different color with face, right? This step is very important yet sometimes we missed it.

Next step, using the MUFE HD Concealer.

Gotta love looking how a pro make up artist working his magic! ^^
Don’t forget to contour your face, giving it more shade and highlight to define your face shape.

Using MUFE Sculpting Kit


After that, blush on! Using this palette (or plate?) like a painter. It is true though, I always believe that when you’re doing make up, it’s not just about putting foundation and powder to your face. “Make up is an art and your face is the canvas.” (I’m being poetic tonite) ^^


Applying the HD blush.. We usually use blush on after the face powder, right? Well, this is the trick to keep your blush on natural, wear it before the finishing powder, so you can get the “au naturale” blushed look.. ^^

Using the MUFE HD Microfinish Powder, it contents mineral silica powder which will make your skin more radiant and won’t dry up your skin. It has universal translucent shade that matches all skin tones.


Her face looks flawless and ready for eye makeup! ^^


Okay, there’s a wee bit trouble that I had after David finished with the complexion. Guess what?
My camera’s running out of battery
Nooooooooo… *echoing from afar* T______T
I was so panic at that time.. (who wouldn’t?) But thank God for Stella who is so kind to me and said she would send me the photos from her camera (different angle of course)  so that I can still continue this post.. Phew!
Thank you very much to Stella for emailing these 3 last photos from the event.. I promise I’ll always charge my camera’s battery before any event.. :)


Continue.. Fast forward to the finished result! ^^

Wow! She really changed, don’t you think?
For the eyes, David didn’t use any eyeshadow, only the MUFE HD Blush to give her a natural shade color and line it with MUFE’s Eye Pencil & the newest Aqua Liner in Diamond Turquoise Blue.

* Another quick tip from David: Line your eyes first with pencil eyeliner then liquid eyeliner. Why? Because usually when you use liquid eyeliner, there’ll be white space between your crease and the eyelashes that can’t be reached. Pencil eyeliner works better to minimize that and will correct the shape of your eyes. After that, you can use the liquid eyeliner to redefine your eyes. Easy peasy! ^_^

Last but not least, he’s using the MUFE Mist & Fix to set the make up. The function is kinda like hair spray for your hair; so when you use this facial spray to your face, it will make the make up lasts longer.

MUFE Mist & Fix

Okay then, the makeup session is done and now is time for photo session! Open-mouthed smile


I’m having a makeover by David Arbid, yay! Okay, I’m kidding, it’s just me posing with him, hehehe.. Someday I’ll come to Paris and meet you again, David! ^^


Beauty bloggers with David Arbid.. Here we have the 5 of us plus Marcelle and Daisy. Actually there are other beauty bloggers too, but I didn’t get the chance to exchange blog url since they went home already. If you girls are reading this, please comment ya… 

Ooohh.. We got the goodie bag… ^^
A closer look.. (Yes, I took these 2 last photos at home AFTER I charged my battery)


MUFE HD Loose Powder, MUFE HD Elixir and MUFE HD Blush. Can’t wait to try them all out!
Well then, that’s it for this post, I had a great time in this blogger gathering and so happy to meet with David Arbid.

Thank you so much, David.. We learned a lot from you and so inspired with your talent.. And  a big thank you to Make Up For Ever Indonesia who made all of this happen.. ^_^

Visit Make Up For Ever’s website in http://www.makeupforever.com/

For more details about MUFE HD Line, you can check it out in http://www.makeupforever.com/products/hd-not-retouched.html

I’ll see you all soon at the next post! Bye! ^^

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