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Lancome says Bonjour, Beauty Bloggers! ^^

Bonjour my lovelies…

Wow, the Indonesian beauty blogger community really is growing up right now, cause we got an invitation to attend the launch of Lancome’s much acclaimed foundation: Teint Miracle! ^^

We’re gonna have a full make over session using Lancome skincare and make up products, so exciting!


Julia Robert as the face of the Teint Miracle campaign. She looks so gorgeous! 


Beauty bloggers arrived already in Sogo Beauty Lounge, PIM 2 and were busy taking pictures!


Snacks! The brownies looked yummy.. ^^


I was wondering if I can buy a chair & a desk like this (but in pink!) and then put it in my room, hehe..


All these makeup for us to try!




It’s the wet tissue from Lancome to cleanse your face, cute! ^^


The white roses everywhere.. It’s the symbol of Lancome, and it represents feminity.


Lancome perfumes: (l-r) Miracle, Tresor in Love, Hypnose, Magnifique

I sniffed all of them and my fave one was Tresor in Love, smells so wonderful! It’s a Fruity Floral fragrance and the notes are:
Top Notes: Nectarine accord, Pear, Bergamot
Heart Notes: Turkish Rose Essence, Jasmine
Base Notes: Cedar wood, Musk


Stella is chosen to be the model of our make over, so she will have her makeup done by Ronne from Lancome!


Okay first step, cleanse your face with Tonique Douceur  as the toner and Galateis Douceur as the cleansing milk.. So fresh and really remover my makeup thoroughly.. ^^


Okay, now that our face is make up free, Irma from Lancome Indonesia is ready to share us a wee bit story about the brand.


Lancome Genifique Activating Concentrate

This product is a total miracle, I tell you what! After I use this, Stella was telling me that the redness on my face is all minimized! You can check it out in the photo below.


Lancome Genefique Eye Cream

I don’t have panda eyes whatsoever so I don’t know the difference yet, but it does give a soothing feeling, so I like it..


The famous Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm moisturizer..

Kate Middleton used this for her wedding day! Must be a very good product..

Royal Wedding_Page_2

The report was all over the media..

Royal Wedding_Page_1

When I tried it, it feels like a very light gel moisturizer and it doesn’t feel heavy at all. And the description in the packagng says that it soothes and relieve stress. Perfect for me.. ^^ 


Lancome UV Expert GN Shield

It says to be Lancome’s very own BB Cream, the coverage is sheer to medium for me, so if you want a lighter base for your makeup, this product is definitely the answer! It has 50 SPF PA +++, which will protect your skin from harmful radiation and UV rays.


My face after the all the steps above.. We were instructed to do the makeup in half of our face so we can see the difference. Can you see it? I put the makeup on my left side (your right).


Ronne from Lancome continues to explain more about the products and of course the newest sensation, Teint Miracle!


The star of the show: Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation! ^^

The description from its press release:


  • 10 years of research, 7 patents pending: LANCÔME invents the 1st foundation that recreates the AURA of perfect skin.
  • By recreating an IDEAL NATURAL LIGHT, every complexion is adorned with the AURA of perfect skin, with its original sparkle.
    • Instantly, complexion appears lit-from-within. Sublimely bare, naturally flawless
    • Infused with skincare active ingredients, its texture intensely hydrates skin for 18 hours, leaving it instantly luscious and plumped.
    • Day after day, this hydration reinforces TEINT MIRACLE’s results: skin is smoothed, more able to reflect light and gains transparency to better reveal its inner light. Even after make-up removal.
    • Enriched with soothing ROSE extract, TEINT MIRACLE also minimises the appearance of dyschromia, for a unified pristine complexion.
    • SPF 16 for daily PROTECTION against ultra-violet rays.
    • Dermatologically tested formula: suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.
    • Non-oily, non-comedogenic. * comparison with traditional Lancôme foundation.

After using this Teint Miracle foundation, my skin feels so smooth and radiant, miracle miracle!


Next step is the concealer, this Lancome Effacernes is great to really highlight my under eyes and make it smooth.. 


Set the make up with Lancome Compact Foundation..


The Maqui Loose powder! Oh I love this powder, really cover the face and it’s so soft..

Oh Yes, I do take notes. I’m a very into-detail-kind-of-girl, but I tend to forget things if I don’t write it down, so I have to write notes.. ^^

Meanwhile, let’s see how the other beauty bloggers are doing, ok?


Carnellyn, smileeee… ^^ See the difference in her half & half face?


Stella was being so serious, hehehe..


Nissa is having fun with the makeup! ^_^


Left is Carryn and Hannah on the right were busy with the skin care..


After the loose powder, I’m using the Lancome blush 06 for shading and lighter one #21 to the apples of my cheek..


After that is the eyes, another quick tip: put some loose translucent powder to the undereye to prevent any fallout when you apply the eye makeup.

IMG_3048_resize eye

Like this.. Don’t forget to brush it out after you’re done, ok?


Ooohhh… Lancome Doll Eyes Ombre Absolue palettes eyeshadow! Other beauty bloggers chose the neutral (one from the right), and the pink one (one from the left) while I chose the green one. 

After that, I used the Kohl Eye Pencil and the Artliner Waterproof (sorry forgot to take pictures)  to line my eyes..


Done with the eyes! Well almost.. You know what’s missing, right?? Yup, the mascara!


I’m holding the Lancome Ôscillation Powerbooster Mascara, it’s white and it acts as the mascara base. It vibrates too! My hands was shaking when I use this, ok la not like an earthquake, hehehe.. 


And this is… The oh-so-famous Lancome Ôscillation Mascara

I remember when I first saw Michelle Phan (the fabulous Youtube beauty guru and Lancome’s Video Make Up Artist) using this mascara, I was so curious, was it really that good? Oh, and then I top it off with Lancome Hypnose Mascara (sorry forgot to take picture again). This is the best part, I tell you, I can wear 3 amazing mascaras on my lashes at the same time! Hahahaha.. ^^

The result? Well, the truth speaks for yourself. 



Can you believe it? It’s like I’m wearing lash extension, everyone was praising how long my lashes are.. I didn’t have to use eyelash curler cause of the Oscillation mascara itself will help you to curl and give your lashes extra volume! ^^


Finished look, it’s the FOTD.. Open-mouthed smile 

Love love love…

Btw, how’s everyone else is doing??


Ronne and Stella is still busy doing the eye makeup, looking cute, Stel! ^^


Hannah’s FOTD, gorgeous eyes! ^^


Everyone else is still busy…

We have one BA (Beauty Advisor) to guide us along the way.. They’re all so kind and helpful, best quality service is guaranteed! ^^

Stella is finally done with the makeup, hallo girl…


You look lovely, Stella! ^^

After that, the make over session is done..  We sure have fun!! And yes, I've charged my camera’s battery, I’ve learned my lesson, hehe..

It’s time for goody bag!

Curious to know what’s in there?


Kyaaa… It’s Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation in full size for us to try… I couldn’t be happier.. Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile 


There are more, of course, it’s travel set of Lancome Genifique Concentrate & Eye Cream, and UV Expert GN Shield. Reviews on the way yaaa..


We’re also given this Lancome rose ring, it’s so cute and feminine..


It’s like a friendship ring when we show it like this, hahaha.. Go Go Indonesian Beauty Bloggers!! ^^


Photos together… Looking great, y’all… Open-mouthed smile 


Me, Ceecile or you can call me Priscilla ^^


Carryn from


Annisa from


Hannah from


Carnellin from


Stella from

After the make over session was done, we’re heading to Duck King, a Chinese food restaurant to fill our rumbling tummy!

food part1

Yum yum yum..

food part 2

We had the roasted duck and so many moreee.. I was so full after eating all of that, hehehe.. Open-mouthed smile 

Last photos of Irma & Ronne from Lancome, aren’t they beautiful??

irma & ronne

You two are the best, we love youuuu… ^^ Hope we can see each other again in another event!

Well then, I guess that’s pretty much it for this post, we sure did have the time of our live that day.. So happy!

Thank you so much to you two and especially Lancome for this special event, we beauty bloggers feel so honoured to be there.

Also, a few words for my lovelies Indonesian Beauty Bloggers.. I know that our community is not as big as what the other countries have, but we know that we are growing. We exist alive and well here. So don’t give up ya, for you the long timer and beginner, lets show to the blogosphere who we are. We are Indonesian, and we are unique. No need to be shy, ok? Keep on posting and make many friends out there, you’ll be just fine.. ^^

(These are the few words that I wished that someone would tell me in my beginning time of blogging, so here I am sharing it to you.. Smile

OK then, time to bed! See you on the next post!

Bonne Nuit Ma Chérie..

Good nite my lovelies… <3

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