Sunday, April 24, 2011

My New Aroma Diffuser! Sweet!

Hello everyone! I’m back with a new update!

So, I went to Ace Hardware and found this cute aroma diffuser.. Tadaaa..


It’s what I’ve been dreamed of!

You see, I love using aromatherapy to really  me up and restore my mood, and now I’m really happy! ^^

Here’s a video of how to use it in Youtube..

Quoted from the website here

Zenbow is multifunctional:

  • Aroma Diffuser – diffuses essential, fragrance & perfume oils
  • Mini Humidifier – hydrating & moisturising, without creating condensation
  • Air Purifier – air quality is greatly improved
  • Ioniser – produces negative ions which makes you feel good!
  • Funky Colour Changing Mood Light – gradually changes through the complete colour spectrum with added features of “favourite colour selection” and “no light” modes

Right now I’m using a mix of peppermint  and green tea essential oil. So refreshing to use in the evening! And I especially notice that the air I breathe feels so refreshing, maybe cause it’s purifying ya? ^^


Pinky pinky! Multi functioning here also as my night lamp.. You should try it too, hehe..

Btw, what are your favorite aromas for essential oils?  Let me know in your comment! ^^

Ok then, thank you for reading.. Bye! \(^_^)/

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Exploring Inna Craft–Tons of Cuties! ^^

Hello everyone! Enjoying the long weekend?

So, this Thursday me and my colleagues were visiting Inna Craft at Senayan, Jakarta. It’s an exhibition for all things artsy (and cuties of course) and it displays Indonesian cultural heritage. Really really worth to see.. 

Shall we?

Ooooh, look at the crowd, people! It was packed when we get in..


Beautiful fabrics everywhere! Batik Pekalongan is very famous.. Smile


Beautiful cardigan! ^^

The pink one would be nice for a dress or a skirt! *wink wink*


Batik hoodies! This one is very popular among youngster these days, you see, batik is very versatile so it can be used in many occasion, not only for wedding or formal event.. ^^

Major fashion piece, isn’t it? ^^


So many cute pieces! ^^


Oohh.. When I saw the mannequin, I can’t help but thinking of Lady Gaga, hahaha.. If you remember her performance in the Grammy Awards 2009, she was wearing a quirky red outfit with a head piece like this.. (okay intermezzo, hehe)


Authentic Bataknese traditional fabric, from North Sumatra, my home village.. Open-mouthed smile (Although with that cap, he look like an artist from France, hehe..) But I like the way he dressed, so sophisticated..


This is a Batik bedcover, so artsy.. I’m officially falling in love.. <3

Moving on to the accessories..

Bracelets.. Cute!


More exotic bracelets!
DIY accessories..
*drooling* *wanna grab them all*
Various pretty stones to make necklaces, bracelets.. <3
Major statement pieces! ^^
*gasp* So pretty!! ^^

This one came all the way from Bali.. Notice the shiny thingy there?

When I saw these, I was like.. “Ooohhh.. Aaahhh” So mesmerized! Open-mouthed smile
Moving on to the next section..


Cute bags.. ^^


Batik canvas shoes.. <3


Beautiful fan..

Balinese paintings..
Balinese notes made of recycled paper, I just love being green! ^^

It’s a traditional chess board.. Cute!

Congklak! It’s my fave game when I was little! Open-mouthed smile 

Many traditional toys.. ^^ I remember them!

Antique miniature bikes..

Beautiful vintage lights.. I love them!

Aromatherapy oil burner.. Beautiful design!


Many natural beauty products too! I bought a ginseng & aloe vera hair tonic here, smells so good! ^^

Cute dolls!
This is my favorite..

The pink one with a leaf fairy dress.. Cuteeeee… Open-mouthed smile 
Last but not least.. The one that stole my heart..

A turtle key chain with batik pattern.. It’s so small, like a real size tiny turtle, hehe! ^^
OK then, that’s it for this post, I hope you all enjoy our fascinating Indonesian culture! I’ll be back with more updates soon..

Oh, and Happy Easter everyone! \(^_^)/

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Gift for My Mom

Time does flies, doesn't it? 

The last time I posted in this blog was like, 4 months ago.. I almost thought I'd forget how to write a post..
But turns out my fingers are typing this post like crazy, hehe.. 

I want to share my recent beauty purchase, which is a fragrance that I bought for my mom. Her Lovely SJP perfume was running out so I wanted to buy a perfume for her. And I found this... 
Sarah Jessica Parker 
The Lovely Collection - Endless
Another SJP perfume, yes.. But I couldn't resist, cause I think this one matches my mom's personality the most.. :) 
The perfume notes are: 
Top notes with a blend of pineapple, apple, ivy leaves and plum. 
Heart with peony, pink jasmine and magnolia.
Base notes with oakmoss, Indonesian patchouli, Australian sandalwood, vetiver and suede musk.
Seriously, I didn't know that she uses Indonesian patchouli for this fragrance when I bought it, now I know why! haha.. :D 

Love the ads.. Everything is in pink and SJP looks so lovely! ^^ 

My first impression when I smelled the fragrance, I felt like I'm in a flower garden holding a picnic basket with my spring dress, fill with beautiful flowers everywhere.. (okay, floral perfume make me feel like this) But it's light and not too overpowering. This fragrance no doubt is feminine and girly. Over time the scent develops into softer peony blossom which I recognize very well. The dry down is musky patchouli, with a hint of sweetness. 

When I gave it to my mom this afternoon, she opened and smelled it. 
Guess what she say? "Ah...*sighing happily* This is my scent." 
Perfect ending. 
See you at my next post! (soon hopefully) ^^