Monday, July 5, 2010

A Piece of Me.. Hello Jakarta! ^^

Hello hello! :)
How are you guys doing? Me, I’m pretty good, although very tired.. But never mind la, it’s time for the A Piece of Me Game! To join, go to Shirley’s blog here..^^

Let’s get started!


I like: I’ve finally arrived at Jakarta, alive and well, thank God.. :)

My first day was on July 1st, last Thursday, and I felt so anxious yet excited about it! I managed to do everything that my boss told me to, also got to know a lot of people that day. But I’m so relieved to get a very friendly environment at the office, they’re all so kind to me! :D (More story about it later ya)


I don’t like: My body feels terrible these days.. :( Maybe it’s because I’m still adjusting to the rhythm of this city.. You know what they say: If it ain’t traffic, it ain’t Jakarta.. True to the T.. *sigh* -_-


I want you to know: the AC in my (can I say ‘my’ already? muahahaha) office is soooo… COLD!!! Brrrr… *shivering* I counted I can go to the bathroom like 5-6 times everyday.. Gosh! But you know, everyone else in the office is also like that, hehe.. I guess we Indonesian really can’t stand the cold.. :P



My mug and lunchbox.. They’re pink! ^^ We have to bring our own mug to the office.. That way no plastic cup is needed! :)

I’ve planned to: Be the best intern ever! \(^_^)/

I wish that I can finish every work that I have to do well, at least with 1000 km/hour speed (LOL)… :D *just kidding*


I want to say to someone’s special: Don’t you know you have very dangerous eyes? So stop looking at me like that.. *blushing* (ok la, maybe someday I’ll tell you more about it, until then.. my lips are sealed) ^_~


Right then, I’m so sleepy already, tomorrow I’ll have to wake up early.. G’nite and Happy Monday everyone.. Bye!  ^^