Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Sasa Purchases! *teaser*

Hallo there! I just wanna share this quick post cause I’m so happy right now, my Sasa order has arrived safe and sound today! ^^ More details and reviews later ya.. :D

If you have seen my HK trip post, here and here, you’ll understand that Sasa is the beauty heaven for most of us here, haha.. It took about 3 weeks to get here, since I paid for Standard Shipping, but it’s ok la.. Cause it’s so worth to wait! ^^v


Yuhuuu.. What’s in the box?? ^^


It’s my order from Sasa! Tadaaa.. v(^_^)v


HadaLabo Shirojyun Whitening Lotion

DSC03880_resize Suki Eyeliner Cream


Hada Riki Arbutin Essence


Shills Perfect Brightening Makeup Base


Suki Vitamin E Lipgloss

I’ll start making the reviews tomorrow! ^^ Oh dear, so many thing to review.. But it’s okay though, I love it! ^^
See you all at the next post! :D

Monday, April 19, 2010

What I do when it’s close to midnite.. :)

Hello there! How are you?

it’s almost midnite when i wrote this post, and I must say, what Tiara said to me in twitter a while ago was true, funny/interesting things happened when it’s close to midnite.. :D

Before your mind wander off to somewhere unrelated to what I have in mind.. *ehm* let me tell you that it’s related with beauty blogging.. Yup, it’s me rambling again.. :)

You might be not knowing this, but most of my blog posts are created at night, since I’m so busy during the day. So, moments like now, wearing my pajamas, working with my laptop and BB on the dinner table, is very common and usually happens every night.. :P (I can see that many of you are nodding your head, saying “Agree!”)

Well, this night I don’t really have the mood or inspiration to blog, but when logged in to blogger and checked my blog, I found 2 sweet comments in my chatbox (to the right, to the right)..  one of them were saying that I’m in the list for local beauty blogger here in Indonesia, yay! ^^ I feel so honored and happy.. Thank you so much, Daisy! ^^

localbb2 taken from Living Daisy’s blog

I’ve known several of them, like Mapple, Nissa, Onickchan, Essie, Dina, and Wortel. I know that it’s not as much like beauty bloggers in other countries, but hey, it’s a great start right? :D In the other hand, there are many top-quality fashion blogger  around here, like Diana Rika Sari, Evita Nuh, and Clara Devi. They all have amazing taste of fashion and photography, don’t forget to check them all out ya.. ^^v

Also, many people in Fashionese Daily forum (popular forum for female in Indonesia) have been concerning about how hard it is finding reviews of Indonesian beauty products, so in the future I’ll try to post more local beauty products and reviews..  ^^

Oh yeah, speaking of review, I read on the net that beauty bloggers should add the FTC disclosure in every post of review they made. Hmm.. I think I’ll have to work on that too.. Every beauty bloggers out there, do pay attention to this matter ya! ^^ (You can read further for that matter, here)

Next, about one thing that’s been bugging me this whole week, writer’s block. But you know what? Now when I’m having a writer’s block, I know how to solve it. The key is: “Don’t fight the feeling, but instead follow where it leads you.” When I feel like I don’t want to write a review, i’ll just write an article like this. I don’t wanna force myself and make a terrible review in result. No no no.. >_<   I always try to make honest reviews and as credible as possible. I’m still learning, though. That’s why having fellow beauty bloggers as friends is very important. You can share your thoughts and opinions about beauty blogging, it’s always fun when the girls hang out and talk! (a shout out to Sarah! Hallo there!) ^^

Now I’m using mostly Twitter for my communication platform with bloggers worldwide. (I’m a Twitter-mania myself, can’t live without it, hehe..)  But if you’re a beauty blogger or a reader who wants to contact/communicate with me, just follow me in on twitter.com/priscillaclara ok? ^^

Actually, I’ve been thinking to make a vlog, but I never done it before, and I admit I feel rather doubted about it, hehe.. :P Seeing all the gurus in youtube like Bubzbeauty and Michelle Phan really intrigues me to make videos and post it on youtube, they’re so pretty and talented! ^^ The problem is, I have never exposed myself that far to the world, trust me, I’m a shy girl inside. Videos are different than pictures. The idea of all of you seeing me on 3D really..frightening me, yeah.. What about you? Have you ever tried vlog before? Any thoughts? :)

Well, you know what? it feels so relieving when you make a rambling post like this, haha! :P  I’m just typing spontaneously, no pressure at all.. You can see this post has no particular rhyme whatsoever, just keep it random here.. :P After all, we’re humans, we have feelings and thoughts in mind, but sometimes when you suppressed that emotions deep inside, you just have to get it out.. For me, my medium is words. And travelling, of course, hehe.. ^^

OK then,enough of me rambling, gotta go to sleep now.. The next post is gonna be a review from my previous purchases! Which one do you want me to review first? I’ll take that into a serious consideration! ^^

G;nite! ^_^


Friday, April 9, 2010

This week round-up! ^^

Hi! How are you all doing this week??
Me, I’m very happy cause this is the last day of my Mid Semester Test! Muahahaha.. :D

Now I can relax and blog with ease, hehe.. So let me show you some of my beauty purchases this week! DSC03802_resize

Sunsilk Straight and Sleek Texturizing Wax! I haven’t use this because I’ve been struggling with mid semester test this week, so my hair is the least of my concern.. The only thing in my head was study study study, ha! :D   But I bought this anyway.. I will try it later on and do a review.. ^^

herbal essences
Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Conditioner for Long Hair.. With a fusion of Red Raspberry and Satin.. Hmmm.. I wonder why they would choose the words “Long Term Relationship” as a name for a conditioner?? :D  Nevertheless, this conditioner smells lovely and fresh to me, I’ve been using it for a couple of times this week, and I’m thinking of buying another one.. The raspberry smell is so cute and fun!  Love it! ^^DSC03800_resize
And… this one is the local product that I bought, Sariayu Martha Tilaar Mukjizat Tolak Jerawat Sekar Sari (literally it means “Miracle of Anti Acne”) Since it’s skincare product, I’m still testing it and I’ll give a full review later.. :)

  DSC03830_resize This one is the Skin Control Base from VOV.. Yes, it’s green.. the review will have to wait cause my face is in treatment time, too many blemishes.. :(

But here is something cute to be reviewed! ^^ Hello to the newest addition of my eyeshadows! :DDSC03835_resize

It’s NYX Eyeshadow in HOT PINK! ^^
The inside..

but from the swatch here, you can see it’s not like Hot Pink after all, this pink shade is soft, more like Baby Pink to me, hehe.. ^_^ No shimmer, this is matte eyeshadow..

eyes pink2
A bit experiment.. Since I’m a shimmer addict, I HAVE to add some shimmer to my eyes, hehe.. I add some shimmer highlighter from my Lavhusca eyeshadows and some eyeliner to define the line.. :)

eyes pink3  Done! Well almost, haven’t add the mascara but I guess it looks OK already.. I think it’s subtle enough for everyday college look and hangout with friends, since I love pink so much, haha.. :D


This week is not only about college test for me, but it’s also about food! Since I’m feeling a bit nervous and lots of tension *cause of the test*, I tend to eat more sweets.. Shall we take a look on one of my favorites?? ^^sakura cake

I always wonder if sakura (cherry blossom) would be made into some kind of bread, what bread would it be?? Well, this is it! ^^ It’s from Breadtalk, one of my fave bakery! ^^ I forgot the exact name of the bread, it has something like, cherry blossom bread or something like that, haha.. I’m so terrible in remembering names.. :P 
There’s cheese filling inside, uniquely mixed with cherry blossom smells and flavor in the cream.. Sweet Heaven! ^^

DSC03819_resize The shape is cute, right?? It’s like a cherry blossom flower in their blooming time.. :) BTW, this time of the year on April is sakura’s blooming time!! Aww.. I do really want to go there.. T_T My fave Malaysian blogger, Ringo from http://cheeserland.com/ is at Japan right now, enjoying the spring time, doing “hanami”.. Looking  from her blog there’s all the beautiful sakura’s flowers, waaa.. Made me really wanna go there too! ^^

How about you? Do you have a place where you want to go this time of the year? Or any sweets and snacks you’re loving right now?? Share with me! ^^

And I’ll see you all at the next post! :D

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Piece of Me.. Happy Easter! ^^ + New Hair

Hallo everyone! First of all, Happy Easter! ^^

I know.. I haven’t posted in this blog for such a long time.. Almost 3 weeks already.. Aiyo.. >_<

I’m so sorry.. Life has been so hectic lately and I’ve so caught up with everything..

So let me start this month’s entry with “A Piece of Me”! ^^ (To join this game, visit Shirley’s blog)


*I like: that this month I can finally laid back a bit.. No more busy work and all that anymore! But..

*I don’t like: I’ll have to face my upcoming thesis soon! Oh and my internship.. Oh gosh.. T_T

*I’ve planned: to have my internship on a TV station at Jakarta.. Let’s just hope that they’ll accept me.. Fingers crossed.. v(^_^)v

*I want you to know: that… I’ve changed my hair color!  Tadaaaa… ^_^garnier

Garnier no 253 Golden Mahogany Brown

The result was quite satisfying.. My hair is brown now, without reddish reflects as the ads were saying.. ^^ Maybe next time I’ll look for a more lighter brown color!

me salon

after the coloring process, as you all know, we’re not supposed to wash our hair for 3 days.. So after that I decided to go to the salon and gave my hair a little treatment.. ^^new hair  I did a hair mask, and the mask smells good! Like a fruity shampoo, hehe.. :) And the result after the blow-dry.. You can see from pretty hair right here.. ^^ Smooth and bouncy! (I’m starting to sound like a shampoo commercial, hahaha…)

new hair2 Okay another angle.. I wore minimum makeup that day, you can see my face is slowly recovering..  Thanks to the Zinc supplement.. (I saw it on Kalmo’s blog) and lots of prayers of course, hehe.. :) I’m trying to reduce the stress level this month..so my naughty naughty acne will calm down.. ^^

*Last one, I want to say to someone special: “No matter what, I’ll always love you. That’s it.”

So, how do you think of my hair? Is it good? Do you think that the color paid off well? ^^ Tell me your opinion!
And I’ll see you all at the next post! ^^