Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Special Post For My Birthday

Yup, you heard me, it’s my birthday!!
It’s past 12 AM already and I’m officially 21 now! Woohooo… XD

Lots of things have happened lately, here’s the summary:
1. I’ve finished my internship.. (after 1,5 month, that’s the reason why I haven’t been blogging lately)

2. I got a job. (I got recruited by the company!!!)

3. I made tons of new friends, here are several of them…

left-right: Nana, Me and Marito
This is us when we watched "Salt” at Planet Hollywood Kartika Chandra, have you watched it yet? ^_^ btw there’s another one who’s taking this picture, Gito! No pictures of him, yet.. He’s very shy, hehe.. :P

Me with the fabulous designers! ^^
l-r: Nana, Me and Rera
We’re eating at “Leko” a resto specializing in ribs (iga penyet), yummy.. :D

also Jeroen! He’s from Belgium and a dear friend of mine, too.. He’s busy talking when I took this candid pic, hehe.. :P

Me and Nana again, hehe.. She’s complaining about when I’m gonna upload these pictures, hahaha.. I was so busy with work work work, I don’t have time to update my blog.. *sigh* but ok la, for you Nana, here’s another picture of us, muahahaha.. XD

Me and Nana again! XD
(there are more pictures of me and my friends in the office waiting to be posted, stay tune ya..)

4. I spent the weekend with my Uncle Jason and his family, Auntie Tina and my 2 sweet cousins: Yesa and Yasna.. Pictures! ^_^

This is my Uncle Jason.. He really looks like my dad, hehe.. (of course la, they’re brothers, LOL) :)

My Auntie Tina.. She looked so gorgeous in that blue shirt! ^^

Here’s a picture of us together at JCo..

My pretty cousin, Yesa was eating her cheesecake, hmm.. yummy.. :D

In the middle you have Yasna, my oh-so-cute-cousin! ^^ She has a very long hair and such an adorable face.. She looked so happy in there, hehe..

There’s also me and my cheesecake! This cheesecake from The Secret Recipe was so amazing, it took me up to 7th heaven that instance, haha.. XD

We also visited the Tugu Monas, the very symbol of Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia.. :)

OK then, I think that pretty much sums up all my activities in the last 1,5 month.. Of course there are more to share and pictures to upload, but now I gotta go to sleep! Almost 2AM and I barely close my eyes, I’m still so excited, haha.. :P

Happy Birthday to me! Gbu all… <3