Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Piece of Me.. Hey June 2010! ^^

Hello everyone..
Just a quick post right here..
I'm in the middle of making a magazine layout for our group assignment, but I suddenly I remembered I haven't blogged lately so I decided to make a post! ^^

1. I like: The semester test is (finally) almost over.. YAY!!! From 7 subjects, 5 of them are taken home, and by what I mean taken home were heavy assignments! Make a magazine, write paperworks, do presentations, do statistic calculation.. Everything just in 2 weeks time! *my brain's screaming....mayday mayday* O_O
But it's going to end soon! Woohooo... \(^_^)/

2: I don't like: Why... I have to catch a flu in a time like this???? Noooo... *sneezes* Gah.. o(>_<)o
Oh wait, I know, it's partly because of the semester stress.. Haiyoh.. :(

3. I want you to know: my internship application for the TV station just got rejected a few days ago... :'(
They said the position has already been filled.. *crying* sob sob.. T__T So now I'll have to try on another company.. but still.. :'(

a picture of my life right now.. Kinda gloomy.. 

4: I've planned: To sleep in a few hours after this.. really.. I'm too tired.. Zzzzzz.... (huh? What? Oh yeah, I still have no.5 left, hehe..)

5. I want you to say to someone's special: I'm sorry for my besties cause I have let you down a lot lately.. I want y'all to know I will always love and care for you guys.. :')

Oh well, there has been a lot of ups and downs lately in my life and like they said, you can't always get what you wanted.. That's one of the most powerful lessons that I got from my mom.. 
The other one would be: "Just live you life.. Don't think too much about it.." :) 
I guess my mom knows best that I tend to worry too much about everything, hehe.. :P 

Ok then, Bye! I'll see you at the next post! ^^

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