Monday, June 28, 2010

A Night Out Look! ^^

OK! One last makeup post before I go to Jakarta for internship, hehe.. :D Since I’ll be busy with my day job and probably passed out in bed after work, so I’ll be posting about what’s going in my regular life more often.. :) On the weekend, I’ll try to write beauty-related post. Fair enough, right? ^^

For this post, I’m going to create a night out look using the Eye Rockz eyeshadows that Vaun recently sent me! Thank you so much, Vaun! :D

Here they are…


As you can see, I got the “Sweet Lilac, Rock Chick, Frosty Lilac, Snowflakes, and Girly”  I’m in the mood for anything purple (again), hehe.. :D



Sweet Lilac is so soft and sweet, like lavender.. Really really love the color.. :D

Fresh Lilac is a big surprise for me, since it’s the frosty version of the Sweet Lilac so I will use it in this post for the night look!

Rock Chick is a mix of grey and purple, and it complements the two of them very well..

Great combo, right? It’s my purple palette! ^^


Snowflakes is a white and a bit sheer when it’s applied, but it’s very useful for any look. It can be used for highlighting or just for shimmering.. :D

Girly is pink! Nuff said, haha.. :P I’ll have to make another look for this, watch out for the next makeup post! ^^


Makeup base and cheeks

 VOV Skin Control Base, Zamian Magic Cacao Whitening BB Cream, Palgantong Makeup Theatrical Powder, The Face Shop Loose Pearl Powder, Nars Blush Orgasm



VOV Skin Control Base, Bourjois Concealer, Bourjois Eyeliner, Palgantong Eyeliner, Eyelash Curler, Maybelline Mascara, NYX Eyeshadow brush, Lavhusca Eyeshadow, Eye Rockz in Frosty Lilac, Rock Chick, Snowflakes.

As far as I concern, eyes are so much more complicated than the face and lips ah! So much effort for such a tiny area, haha.. But there’s the art right there, hehe.. :D

eyes purple

To make it short, here’s the finished look.. (What??? Just like that???) OK, just kidding.. :P

Step by step:

Use the VOV Skin Control Base as the eye base, and then apply Frosty Lilac on the eyelid. Above that, apply Rock Chick on the crease. Use Snowflakes for highlighting and on the inner corner of your eyes to make it look ‘pop’. For the upper eyeliner, use the Borjouis Eyeliner in black and Palgantong Eyeliner in lower liner, but only half and make it as thin as possible (I don’t want to make it look too smokey). I also added the dark plum color from the Lavhusca eye palette above to make the outer V corner. Maybelline Mascara is the last.

Seems simple but in reality you have to use your feeling.. :) The key to make a night look eye is the FRAME. If the eyes are framed beautifully, they will look bigger and POP! ^^ Therefore, eyeshadow and eyeliner are the essentials.  I’m still an amateur in this too, but I’m practicing hard.. :)

And.. down to the lips.. So simple.. Skin79 Lipstick and Bourjois Lipgloss..

FOTDs!  \(^_^)/


My eyes! Sparkle! ^^


Trying to look cute, hahaha.. :D



Smile! ^^





In low light and trying a different pose!


What do you think with this look? Share me your opinion! ^^

And don’t forget to wish me luck in my internship ya.. \(^_^)/


See ya.. In the other side.. :D

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