Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A little update of myself.. :)

Hola! It’s been a while.. :) *almost a week of M.I.A*

I want to share something to all of you, it’s personal but I decided to pour it all out..


Ehm.. *clears throat*

Honestly, I was so sad that I didn’t got the chance to do the internship in that TV station.. Until now, I still think about it too.. Some of my friends were lucky enough to get their internships on another TV station, and it made me so devastated.. No kidding.. :(

But, I got the support from my family and friends *including you too blogger friends :) to give it another shot on another company and be positive about it, and I did.

I’m glad that I did.


On the last “A Piece Of Me” Post, I inserted a picture of my life at that time, it was a photo of the sky above my house, and it’s kinda gloomy.. It was the perfect picture of my heart back then..

Well, it’s all changed now.. Take a look on how my life look like right now..


There’s a story behind this photo.. Wanna find out? ^^


Well, a week ago, I applied for internship program in another company, I sent my CV there and wishing for good luck.. And?

God heard my prayer. :) *sing Hallelujah*

2 days ago I was called and they told me they wanted to interview me (ME!!) for this internship, and I just couldn’t believe it.. :D  But that means I only have less than 2 days to prepare everything! Oh dear..  O_O

But don’t worry, I survived, hehe.. ^^

To make it short, I got interviewed today, this afternoon, right on 2 PM. (I’ll never forget that experience because I was so nervous..) I did prepare myself though, I googled how to handle interview like this, what questions that’ll be asked, what outfit to wear, do’s and don’ts.. You know the drills.. :)

And the most important of all.. I prayed. I prayed to God, “God, if this internship is meant for me, then You will open the way for me, if it’s not, well, I believe that You will give me a better one according to Your way..”

Then, when I sat in front of the interviewer, suddenly I felt calm.. All the nervous feeling went away.. I answered his questions with ease, and although I wasn’t perfect, at least I was honest. I’m still human, I have my own plus and minuses, but you know what? I can never be somebody else, I can only be ME.. :)

After the interview, he told me that he’ll call back and inform me how the result is gonna be..

Well, now all I can do is wait, and pray summore.. :)
I really do hope that I’ll get the internship, but I know that it is his right to decide. To tell you the truth, I’m not so worried anymore, no..

The interesting part is, when I returned home from the interview, it was raining. The rain was so heavy and the sky was so dark & gloomy.

But after that?

The sky was clear.

And the best part.. There’s a rainbow right in front of me.

I  grabbed my camera right away, don’t wanna miss a moment like this..

Isn’t it beautiful?


That’s why I decided to make this post, cause in every picture there’s a story.. :)

(Okay I should stop typing now before I’ll burst into tears.. :’))


I’ll see you all at the next post (with positive result, I hope), until then, bye.. ^^

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