Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Piece of Me.. Pudding! ^^

Hello there everyone.. Yes, I am sorry for my absence lately.. :( It seems everything is catching up on me too much and too fast.. But never mind la, it’s for A Piece of Me (I know it’s late, again) post! To join, go to Shirley’s blog..

I like: Pudding! You know, the reason why I named this post as Pudding is because I recently attended a pudding making contest in my church! And it’s pudding heaven, let me tell ya! hahaha… ^o^

contest I managed to take some pictures.. This is where the pudding contest is held, so crowded with people! ^^ And the best of all is that we can taste all the pudding! Waaaa… :D After the contest is over, the pudding goes for auction. The money is given for the church, of course.. :) me pudding

This is the pudding that I won from the auction, hehe.. Looks yummy isn’t it? It’s avocado pudding with strawberry! Nomnomnom… :d


  And then.. Numero Uno Pudding.. Look at that! Pretty, right? ^^ This is the pudding that won the 1st prize.. People were buzzing over this gorgeous right here..  :)

I don’t like: this internship process is making me anxious! But I have to have faith! *fingers crossed*

I want you to know: I think my healthy lifestyle is working! I can fit into my old high school jeans again! Woohoo… *jumping with joy*

I’ve planned: to be a better person everyday! Yup, that’s my daily goal, hehe.. :)

I want to say to someone’s special: my 2 friends are having their birthday earlier this month, so I just wanna say Happy Birthday to Hernadi and Sarah!!! Wishing you two all the best ya… ^^  My friends are very important to me, You can never live your life without friends, true?  ^_~


There will be review post tomorrow! Stay tune! ^_^

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